Elton John sick with E. coli, postpones Portland concert with Billy Joel

Hold me closer, tiny dancer, there will be no dueling pianos in Portland: The Elton John and Billy Joel concert originally scheduled for the Rose Garden November 10 was postponed after John was diagnosed with an E. coli infection.

Live Nation and The Rose Garden said Friday that John was advised by his doctor to postpone these performances due to a serious case of e-coli bacterial infection and the flu.

No word on what kind of E. coli had stricken Mr. John or possible sources.

Emeril cancelled

The New York Times reports that Emeril Live taped it’s last show on the Food Network and laid off a half-dozen staff members, bringing an end to an impressive 11-year, every-weeknight run.

The story says that viewers will not see a difference for at least a year as the new episodes that have already been taped are shown. But industry executives are scratching their heads over why the network canceled “Emeril Live” — which they speculate became too expensive for its softening ratings — without having a new deal in place, given the role that his program played in the network’s success.

I don’t really care. Cooking shows have the spontaneity and creativity of line dancing. And the hosts all seem to practice terrible food safety. A food safety error every 4.5 minutes.