Too cool for toilets: Jimmy Buffett fans leave buckets of poop at concert

Jimmy, ya gotta say something to your fans.

Last Saturday’s Jimmy Buffett concert in Mansfield, MA left a foul taste in everyone’s mouth. That’s because the legions of drunken retirees who make up Buffett’s fan base apparently like to make their own homemade toilets for these events, which they then leave, brimming with excrement, for some poor bastard to clean up.

jimmy.buffett.toiletAccording to police lieutenant Sam Thompson, the Parrotheads are just too rock n’ roll to use the designated bathrooms.

Local police chief Ronald Sellon called the leavings “unsanitary and just disrespectful. [T]he most common model is a 5-gallon bucket with its rim lined with a foam pool noodle for a seat, stashed inside a tent.”

Green Day postpones Australian gig; frontman Billie-Joe has foodborne illness

Rock band Green Day has postponed tpnight’s concert in Melbourne after lead singer Billie-Joe Armstrong came down with a case of suspected food poisoning.

A spokesthing for Frontier Touring Company said,

"Although Billie-Joe was determined to perform tonight it became apparent at 4.30pm (AEDT) today that he would be unable to take to the stage – particularly in light of the lengthy 2.5-3 hour show the band traditionally perform.”

The concert has been rescheduled to tomorrow night (December 16).

Elton John sick with E. coli, postpones Portland concert with Billy Joel

Hold me closer, tiny dancer, there will be no dueling pianos in Portland: The Elton John and Billy Joel concert originally scheduled for the Rose Garden November 10 was postponed after John was diagnosed with an E. coli infection.

Live Nation and The Rose Garden said Friday that John was advised by his doctor to postpone these performances due to a serious case of e-coli bacterial infection and the flu.

No word on what kind of E. coli had stricken Mr. John or possible sources.