Home-based food businesses in Alberta with “low-risk” products no longer require handling permits

This is why I avoid potlucks (not that anyone would invite Dr. food safety).

I have no idea of the kitchen prep area, nor the personal hygiene of the providerer.

According to David Opinko of Lethbridge News Now, the Government of Alberta (that’s in Canada) has made it easier for individuals to start or continue operating businesses out of their home that sell food.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro says this will also help to increase the public’s access to locally grown or processed foods.

“This regulatory change maintains our standards for food safety, supports Alberta entrepreneurs, adds new jobs, and benefits the economy by giving Albertans new opportunities to buy locally produced foods. It also makes it easier than ever to turn your passion into a home business.”

Specifically, those who sell low-risk items, or ones that have a lower ability to create food-borne illnesses, will not require food-handling permits or be subject to inspections.


100 ill from Mormon church pot luck in Nevada

Food poisoning caused more than 100 people to become sick following a potluck dinner at a Mormon church in Nevada.

A local hospital in Logandale, Nevada has seen people coming in with good spreadsymptoms of gastrointestinal flu all week long.

The outbreak in the Moapa Valley area that has sickened dozens of people.

‘We had 80 people here on Monday. Just today we had three more patients who were at the potluck come in,’ the official said.

Southern Nevada Health District officials would only confirm they are conducting an investigation of a foodborne illness outbreak resulting from a private potluck dinner held in Logandale, NV last weekend.