90 sick; poor refrigeration of jam likely cause of fair food poisoning

The cronut craze seems to be receding, but not until at least 90 people were sickened after consuming cronut burgers at the cronut2Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto last month.

But it wasn’t the cronuts – it was probably a uniquely Canadian product, maple bacon jam served with the cronut burger.

Toronto Public Health says inadequate refrigeration probably caused the outbreak of Staphylococcus aureus.

While the brown sugar and maple syrup results came back negative, the bacon tested positive, but for different bacteria. The bacterial toxin found in jam samples from both Le Dolci and Epic Burgers was cronut.t.shirt.aug.13actually produced from a different strain of Staphylococcus aureus than that found in the bacon.

Bad day at the fair: cronut burgers linked to 21 sick in Toronto, guinea pig meat linked to 81 sick in Minn

The Canadian National Exhibition has shut down a food stand that sells the “cronut burger” and called in health inspectors after a number of patrons fell ill Tuesday night.

Paramedics assessed 12 patients who experienced gastrointestinal problems, including vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain, at the CNE on Tuesday night, said Emergency 034_guinea_pigMedical Services spokesman Jamie Rodgers.

Five people were taken to hospital.

Some of the patients were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. They said they had eaten the cronut burger, the CNE’s much-hyped croissant-donut-cheeseburger hybrid, confirmed hospital spokeswoman Leslie O’Leary.

Jim Chan, Toronto Public Health’s manager of food safety, confirmed that Epic Burgers and Waffles, the vendor that makes the cronut burger, is under investigation.

Two TPH inspectors arrived around 10 a.m. on Wednesday and took food samples. One inspector used a thermometer on two burgers after an employee put them on the grill.

Chan said the samples will go to a lab, and that results would take 48 to 72 hours.

If they pass the inspection, all the remaining food on site will be removed and disposed of, at which point TPH would have no objection to the establishment reopening, he said.

In Minneapolis, dozens of people, including children, fell ill from suspected salmonella poisoning after eating guinea pig meat and other dishes from a vendor at an Ecuadorian festival Aug. 11.

At least 81 people went to Hennepin County Medical Center and Minneapolis Children’s Hospital with severe gastrointestinal symptoms after eating food served by one of the cronut.burgerfestival’s vendors. The Minnesota Department of Health said numerous ill individuals have tested positive for salmonella.

Bill Belknap, spokesman for Hennepin County Public Health, said some of those who fell ill ate a traditional Ecuadorian dish that contained guinea pig meat, but others who didn’t eat that dish also got sick. All of those who got sick were treated and released.

Update: There are now 34 sick linked to the cronut thingies at the CNE.