Cockroach found in ‘wild mushroom’ sauce at popular Brisbane pub

A shocked diner at a trendy inner Brisbane pub found a cockroach in his gourmet “wild mushroom” sauce, a court has heard.

cockroacThe historic Normanby Hotel in Red Hill has been slapped with 17 counts of breaching food safety laws after it allegedly sold the meal with mushroom sauce on September 14 2014.

According to a complaint lodged in the Brisbane Magistrate’s Court, in the days following the sauce incident Brisbane City Council inspectors found 17 breaches of the Food Standards Code during five raids of the “infested” hotel kitchen.

In the first raid on September 17, inspectors allegedly found live cockroaches in various areas including crawling over the splashback of the food preparation bench, dead cockroaches and cockroach faeces, as well as a build up of grime and grease.

“There was evidence of an active infestation of cockroaches on the premises,” the complaint states.

“There was a live cockroach in direct contact with the paper towels under the plate-up bench.”

Further raids on September 18, 19, 22 24 and 30 allegedly found the hotel owners had “failed to take steps to eradicate” the cockroaches.

On September 22 they found “a cockroach on a clean plate” on a shelf, on the ceiling and in the door jamb.

The Normanby Hotel at Red Hill is a popular spot, particularly on Sundays.

The case is in its early stages. No defence has been filed by the hotel owner Revestar Pty Ltd.

The case returns to court on August 28.

‘No AA cause I don’t quit’ Cockroaches lead to closure of Jose’s Real Cuban Food in Florida

We’ve driven by this place during our various times in Bradenton on Florida’s Gulf side, and decided to pass.

joses-real-cuban-foodIn the eight years of operating his business, the owner of Jose’s Real Cuban Food Jose Baserva says he has had mostly minor violations resulting from health and food safety inspections.

A recent closure caused by more serious violations isn’t stopping him.

“You know why I don’t go to AA?” owner Jose Baserva said. “Because it’s for quitters, and I’m not quitting. I’m not going anywhere.”

In the past month, Jose’s Real Cuban Food, 8799 Cortez Road W., has been closed temporarily three times by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Inspectors found at least one high-priority violation during each visit. The state defines high-priority violations as “those which could contribute directly to a foodborne illness or injury.”

“You’re gonna have roaches,” Baserva said. “I’ve never been in a restaurant where I haven’t seen one. We don’t have roaches having dinner with my customers or anything like that.”

Baserva said he hires a professional exterminator for services once per month and sprays pest control himself twice per month.

The most recent closures were spurred by a complaint to state regulators. Complaints led to 11 out of the 13 inspections since April 2013, according to the state database.

Representatives from the state regulators did not respond to requests for comment on Tuesday.


Doing the conga doesn’t make a clean restaurant: Emilio, Gloria Estefan concerned after South Fla. restaurant ordered shut

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
A restaurant in an ocean drive hotel opened by Gloria Es Steffan was ordered shut by the state because of violations. While they lease out the space and don’t operate it, we are told they’re very concerned.

After the state found live roaches in this oven on the cook line in the kitchen. I’m extremely disappointed for what’s happened, and it happened. The inspector found some insect in the oven, new oven that we don’t use it. The state recently found 11 violations here. Roaches in the oven, and accumulation of a mold-like substance on the soda dispensing nozzles. I’m not responsible for everything that happens inside the restaurant. Back in October 2013, 41 violations were found here, including roach and rodent issues.

What do you do to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Because the next time would be number three. Hey, i know, pu definitely it’s not going to be number three. I’m going to check every morning by myself. We’ve learned after the 2013 problems, the estefans ordered him to hire an outside firm to consult and help out, which he did. You’re a third party inspector. Yes. You inspect the kitchen here? I have been doing it twice a month. Does this indicate that you’re not doing a good job? No, this happens in any restaurant. They found sometimes one roach, two roaches, whoever — 24 in an oven. He can shrug it off but i can guarantee you, the estefans are not. The grill was allowed to re-open following an ordered clean-up and a re-inspection.

Health inspector finds cockroach in Florida soda dispenser

Clearwater was where we used to go in the summer as a kid.

It was hot, but there was water (and stingrays).

Joe's Crab ShackJoe’s Crab Shack advertises 100% Shore fresh seafood with a Southern flare. The national chain has over 1,135 locations across the United States including one on Gulf to Bay Boulevard in Clearwater.

“The service is great and the food is awesome,” said one longtime customer on their way in for dinner.

But state health inspectors reports are finding health code violations that weren’t so awesome on the Clearwater location’s January 8th inspection. The restaurant was shut down as an emergency closure with 18 violations including the floor areas covered in standing water, a black or green mold-like substance inside the soda dispensing nozzles, even one live cockroach inside a soda nozzle at the bar.

“Oh that’s disgusting… Oh my God,” exclaimed a horrified former customer Paul Kumatsky after learning about the restaurant’s inspection.

The state inspector documented more than 15 additional cockroaches on shelving under the expo line where the clean plates and utensils are stored.

Over 30 sick ill after eating Three Kings bread from cockroach-infested Calif. bakery

More than 30 people are sick after eating Rosca de Reyes bread, also known as Three Kings bread, distributed by Cholula’s Bakery in Santa Ana, the Orange County Health Agency said in a statement. 

3kingsThe agency closed the bakery after an investigation revealed traces of cockroach infestation

The cake, which is typically eaten on Jan. 6 to celebrate Three Kings Day, was distributed to stores around Orange County. It is unclear whether the infestation directly caused the illnesses. 

Those who reported illnesses experienced multiple symptoms, including dizziness, numbness, stomach aches and palpitations. 

Stores who have the Three Kings bread from Cholula’s are being asked to remove it from their shelves, and those who purchased the bread are being advised to discard it. 

‘Poor hygiene is totally inexcusable especially when selling food’ UK ‘Cockroach takeaway’ closed

Four eateries closed in Ealing after being issued with emergency prohibition notices, closing them immediately, until officers were satisfied extensive pest control cleaning had taken place.

mib.cockroachA West Ealing takeaway was closed and ordered to pay costs of more than £600 by Ealing Magistrates’ Court after a cockroach was found in a customer’s meal.
Ealing has more food businesses than any other outer London borough and is one of the most proactive greater London councils in terms of prosecuting food outlets who endanger the public.

Pan Pizza and China Garden at 177, Uxbridge Road, West Ealing was among four eateries in the borough temporarily closed by Ealing Council food hygiene officers in September, due to infestations and poor cleaning. The takeaway was ordered to pay the council’s legal expenses of £611 on Thursday, 2 October.
The businesses were issued with emergency prohibition notices, closing them immediately, until officers were satisfied extensive pest control cleaning had taken place.

The council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for community services and safety, Councillor Ranjit Dheer said:  “Poor hygiene is totally inexcusable especially when you’re in the business of selling food to the general public. I really don’t know how the owners of these businesses thought they could get away with it.” 

California’s Knott’s Berry Farm restaurant reopens after treatment for cockroaches

California institution, Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, reopened Thursday night after its permit was restored following treatment for a cockroach infestation, theme park officials said.

Knott's Berry FarmJason Soyster, a spokesman for Knott’s Berry Farm, referred to the infestation as an “isolated structural incident” and said the restaurant was reopened at about 9:30 p.m.

The eatery had its permit suspended at about 2 p.m.

It’s only cockroaches; UK takeaway manager charged after cockroaches found

A Peterborough takeaway boss has been charged with food safety offences after cockroaches were found on food in the eatery.

whats-the-big-deal-2Council officers made the discovery at Ali’s Fried Chicken (AFC) and Ali’s Balti House, based next to each other in Bourges Boulevard, in October 2013.

The two premises were closed after the discovery.

On Wendesday, 24 September, manager Amjad Ali, of Dogsthorpe Road, Peterborough, appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court where he was charged with 10 offences relating to Ali’s Fried Chicken.

The AFC business was also charged with 10 offences, and the balti house faces four charges.

Both businesses and Ali are charged with failing to have adequate procedures in place to control pests and failing to protect food from contamination.

The court also heard Ali and AFC are charged with failing to keep cooked food above 63C, failing to ensure food handlers wore protective clothing, failing to provide materials for cleaning hands, and failing to keep refrigerator door seals in good working order to ensure the food was kept clear of contamination.

In October last year the Peterborough Telegraph reported how a council officer was showered with dead and live cockroaches when he reached for a food management order placed on a shelf in AFC, while dead cockroaches were found in insect traps under the fridge and freezer.

Meanwhile, at Ali’s Balti House, the officers found cockroaches on pieces of pre-prepared food and in bowls of sauce.

Insect faeces, eggs and nymphs were also found in the fridge, while the creatures were seen crawling up the walls in the kitchen and in space under the fridges.

AFC was ordered to pay £750 court costs, while Ali’s Balti House was given a £650 bill for court costs at last year’s hearing.

Following the court hearing in October, Shazad Ali, owner of Ali’s Balti House hit out at the decision to close the venues, and said: “Both restaurants feel the council has been heavy handed with us. They should have worked with us more closely.

“Once we discovered the problem we set about working to fix it.

“By forcing us to close meant we lost a lot of trade. We will be making a complaint.” 

Fancy food ain’t safe food, Brisbane edition: DM Jazz cafe fined $25,000 after diner finds cockroach in her risotto

I’ve walked by the DM Jazz café in Southbank, Brisbane, but never ate there. My lifestyle doesn’t demand that.

DM.jazz.risottoThe four-star rated restaurant was fined more than $25,000 after a customer found a live cockroach in her chicken and mushroom risotto.

The dish was served at the DM jazz cafe at South Bank on April 1 last year, sparking a council inspection which shut the restaurant down for two days.

The inspection found the kitchen was infested with cockroaches, while uncovered meat and built-up grease was also discovered, Brisbane Magistrates Court heard.

Domanni Corporation, which runs the restaurant, pleaded guilty to charges of one count of selling unsuitable food and 10 counts of failing to comply with requirements imposed by the food standards code in relation to the conduct of a food business and was fined $24,000. Owner Doina Poplacinel was fined an additional $1500 with no conviction recorded.

Annette Welsford, who was served the risotto plus cockroach, told The Courier-Mail outside the court that she had been horrified to find the insect.

“I was just about to tip on some parmesan and my daughter-in-law said: ‘Oh my God, it’s a cockroach’,” she said.

“There’s this cockroach standing up in the bowl waving its legs around.”

She said the manager immediately grabbed the dish, offering another meal, later explaining the cockroach may have been in someone else’s salad and just flew in.

Ms Welsford said she and her family had been extremely unimpressed.

“It really ruined the day for us,” she said.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves said the restaurant owners, who had previously owned two restaurants in Melbourne after emigrating from Romania, had been badly affected by floods.

Magistrate Anne Thacker said the restaurant had shown it was able to regain its four-star rating with Brisbane City Council soon after the incident but the fine needed to be a sufficient deterrent.

She said the restaurant had not upheld the “high standard that is demanded by our lifestyle here in Brisbane.”

Best defense is good offence? 574 sick, Foster Farms lawsuit blames exterminator for cockroaches

Foster Farms is suing Orkin LLC, charging the pest control company was to blame for cockroaches that resulted in a three-day shutdown of its Livingston poultry facility in January.

The lawsuit, filed late last month in Merced Superior Court, claims Orkin should pay damages for failing to fulfill a contract to control cockroaches at the processing plant. The U.S. Department of Agriculture suspended operations at the Foster Farms plant because roaches were found on four occasions. and a subsidiary, Orkin Services of California, are named as defendants in the lawsuit. Orkin filed a motion Wednesday seeking to move the case to the federal court in Fresno.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reportedly has tied 574 cases of salmonella illness to raw chicken from the Foster Farms plant in Livingston and two smaller plants in Fresno. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service notified Foster Farms last fall that the presence of cockroaches was a sign of unsanitary conditions at the plant.