Falling, falling

I fell again.

About 4 a.m. yesterday, my prostate betrayed me and I went for a pee and tumble.

Blood everywhere.

I told my doctor a few years ago I have a tendency to fall over when I lean over to tie my shoes.

She said, don’t lean over.

Another ambulance ride, 20 stitches in the three lacerations in my skull and the one above my eyebrow, and a groovy new doctor-designed haircut.

Thanks to Amy for getting me off in the ambulance and cleaning the floor, and my carerer who sat with me for four hours.

My doc also says, the most important thing is, don’t fall over.

Food porn shot of the day: butternut squash and apple soup

After a quick trip to Clearwater Beach and the International Citrus and Beverage Conference we’re back in Raleigh for the beginning of fall. It’s getting cooler (just 74F) and I was craving some soup. photo

Our windows are open, football is on in the background, the kids are playing outside and I’ve got the start of butternut squash and apple soup simmering on the stove.