You can have whatever you like, including a gastrointestinal virus

Visitation at Federal Correctional Complex-Forrest City (FCC-FC), Arkansas, has temporarily been suspended, according to the Times-Herald, due to inmates sickened with a “suspected gastrointestinal virus.” R.D. Weeks, executive assistant at FCC-FC explains, “The institution’s medical staff is evaluating and appropriately treating the inmates for the symptoms that appear to dissipate after 48-72 hours.” Weeks continues, “Symptomatic inmates are being tested to determine the exact virus; however, the H1N1 virus is not suspected in these cases.” In addition to visitation limitations, staff and inmates are reminded to adhere to universal precautions, which include frequent handwashing.

Rapper T.I. (Clifford Harris) is serving his jail time at FCC-FC for purchasing illegal firearms and silencers in October 2007. It is unknown if T.I. has been infected with the virus.