Eau de bacon

The essence of bacon – in a spray?

Ninety years ago, Parisian butcher John Fargginay accidentally came across an aroma. After mixing a top secret recipe of eleven different pure essential oils with the essence of bacon, he was able to create a scent that would, “dramatically elevate his customers’ mood.” It was then when Fargginay invented bacon cologne.

The makers of this fragrance maintain that it is a sophisticated product, which can be found at “high quality retailers across the planet.”

The Fargginay company has produced two distinct bacon fragrances, Bacon Gold and Bacon Classic — Gold having “spicy maple aroma” and Classic having “sizzling citrus” notes. A bottle of either could be yours for only $36 direct from their website.

The fragrance does not actually make you smell like you just bathed in a frying pan. They explain that, “these are sophisticated aromas, comprised of essential oils, flowers, herbs and the essence of bacon.”