Eau de bacon

The essence of bacon – in a spray?

Ninety years ago, Parisian butcher John Fargginay accidentally came across an aroma. After mixing a top secret recipe of eleven different pure essential oils with the essence of bacon, he was able to create a scent that would, “dramatically elevate his customers’ mood.” It was then when Fargginay invented bacon cologne.

The makers of this fragrance maintain that it is a sophisticated product, which can be found at “high quality retailers across the planet.”

The Fargginay company has produced two distinct bacon fragrances, Bacon Gold and Bacon Classic — Gold having “spicy maple aroma” and Classic having “sizzling citrus” notes. A bottle of either could be yours for only $36 direct from their website.

The fragrance does not actually make you smell like you just bathed in a frying pan. They explain that, “these are sophisticated aromas, comprised of essential oils, flowers, herbs and the essence of bacon.”

Whale vomit perfume riches

Stephen Atkinson, an Australian beachcomber, is hoping to strike it rich with a lump of sperm whale vomit he found near Melbourne on the south coast.

More properly called ambergris, it is apparently rare and highly valued by perfume makers. The 7-kilogram lump could fetch more than 100,000 Australian dollars.

The ambergris, which is lighter than water, might have bobbed in the Southern Ocean for more than a decade after being coughed out.