Meet iFSN: Andrew Stormer

Hola, my name is Andrew Stormer.  I designed and run the Don’t Eat Poop website, pull news,
make factsheets and perform other fun-filled food safety related tasks with robot-like speed and precision. 

I’m currently a senior in Food Science at Kansas State and will be graduating in December, 2008. If you are a frequent user of our services and feel as though we are a beneficial organization, then feel free to donate; even it is only a small amount. I work lots of hours and Doug is probably borderline bankrupt because of it. 

On a side note: I am in search of an internship for the upcoming summer, preferably in Scotland, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.  I am, however, more than willing to do internships in the U.S. as well.  If anyone is interested in adopting me then feel free to e-mail me at

Meet iFSN: Amy Hubbell

Salut! I’m Amy, a French professor gone food safety geek. I love to learn about food safety practices in different cultures, and watch how they play out on reality TV. No wonder why Doug’s converting our kitchen into the Safe Food Café. Although I’m more known for my blog posts on lait cru (raw milk) camembert and doggy dining, I write on exile and nostalgia in French autobiography for a living.
Ne mangez pas de caca, et donnez ce que vous pouvez pour soutenir l’iFSN.

(translation: don’t eat poop, and give what you can to support iFSN)

Meet iFSN: Casey Wilkinson

I’m Casey. I start every morning with a tall glass of pasteurized milk and the retrieval of over 100 Internet and newspaper articles highlighting what makes people barf; I’m tracking the global incidences of foodborne illness, all before I go to class. It’s like jumping jacks for my gag reflexes.

These stories go into the listservs iFSN sends out every day to anyone who wants them — that’s about 12,000 direct subscribers in over 70 countries, and millions with all the forwards and redirects.

 I want you to know what’s out there, so that it doesn’t happen to your family… or mine. Support iFSN and make our world a safer place to eat in.

Barf doesn’t have to happen.

Give large. Give small. It’s all on-line at

Any problems, just e-mail,

And if you benefit from our services, then we’re continuing with our payment model that darlings Radiohead stole from us: pay what you want.