Tennessee restaurant leaves raw frog legs above banana pudding

WATE reports a customer complaint sent a health inspector back to a Morristown restaurant six weeks after a routine inspection.

Golden Dragon, 3325 Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown – Grade: 70

The Golden Dragon on Andrew Johnson Highway scored a 70 during the most recent inspection. The score was passing. The health department considers a grade below 70 is considered “unsanitary.”

Several of the violations marked off in the report could lead to foodborne illness if not corrected.

The inspector wrote he watched a worker carry dirty dishes from the dining room into the kitchen and start preparing food without washing his hands.

Another kitchen worker washed large containers of food in the utility sink with water and put them away without rinsing and sanitizing them.

Inside the kitchen raw frog legs were stored over banana pudding and raw fish was stored over broccoli. That is OK at home but raw food contains bacteria and placing raw food over ready to eat food raises the potential for cross-contamination.

Too filthy to serve: Chinese restaurant in Wales closed on spot by watchdog

A Chinese restaurant in Port Talbot town centre was in such an unhygienic state when health watchdogs visited that they ordered its closure on the spot.

The kitchen at the Golden Dragon in Station Road was found to be dirty, with filthy chopping boards and other cleanliness issues, including a lack of hand washing among staff.

This Is South Wales reports it was only allowed to reopen after owner Chao Yang Chi had improved conditions so they did not pose a risk to public health.

But Chi was then prosecuted for breaking food hygiene laws. He has been ordered to pay almost £1,000 after the council’s case against him was brought before magistrates in Neath.

A council spokeswoman said: "During a routine inspection a year ago, council environmental health staff found dirty floors, walls and cooking equipment. There was also a lack of hand washing amongst staff when handling raw and cooked meat. Chopping boards were filthy and storerooms were dirty and structurally poor.

The owner pleaded guilty after being prosecuted for six food hygiene charges under the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006.

Neath Port Talbot Council is involved in the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme . Businesses in this area can be checked at: www.food.gov.uk/ratings.