N.Y. students suspended for raw-meat hazing

These girls probably failed biology.

The existing members of the girls’ varsity soccer team at a high school in Lewiston, New York thought they would say hello and congratulations by hurling raw meat at the new team members and covering their hair in flour and eggs.

Besides being a waste of perfectly good meat, the risks of cross-contamination with E. coli or Salmonella or something is fairly large.

Lewiston is about 25 miles north of Buffalo.

Pledges forced to eat raw poultry start barfing

University of Nevada, Reno officials have placed Alpha Tau Omega fraternity on a two-year suspension for hazing pledges by branding their buttocks with dry ice and making them eat raw poultry.

Sally Morgan, UNR director of student conduct, said Thursday,

"Their local alumni board owns the house and will be making provisions to close the house and determine how it will be used in the next two years," adding the hazing came to light in December after as many as 11 pledges became ill after eating uncooked chicken or turkey and sought treatment at the Student Health Center,

The center director determined they had campylobacter, a foodborne illness, required to be reported to the county health department.

Any pledge who wants to recount their story on barfblog, I’ll send you a don’t eat poop shirt. That’s solid advice.