Jimmy John’s pulls salmonella sprouts from sandwiches; 88 sick in Illinois

Hours after announcing that suspect sprouts will stay on the Jimmy John’s sandwich menu because “sprouts rock,” the owner told franchises in Illinois to pull alfalfa sprouts from menus after a salmonella outbreak sickened dozens.

Jimmy John’s owner Jimmy John Liautaud wrote franchisees a letter Tuesday saying that about 88 people were sickened in 15 states and that of 40 interviewed, 28 ate at Jimmy John’s and 25 had sprouts. Liautaud said the chain’s restaurants and main sprout supplier have tested negative.

The Illinois Department of Public Health pegged the number of people confirmed sick from Salmonella I 4,5,12,i- at 43 back on Dec. 17, 2010.

Officials release final report of Illinois Subway salmonella outbreak

Did the Sponge Bob leafy greens cone of silence descend on Illinois health types as they concluded in a 69-page report published today that lettuce, tomatoes and olives were the possible culprits in a Subway salmonella outbreak that sickened almost 200 earlier this year?

Pantagraph.com reported today that officials with the Illinois Department of Public Health traced a salmonella outbreak at Subway restaurants to one Central Illinois food distributor, but in a final report on the incident issued Thursday, could not identify the exact source of the problem, which led to 109 confirmed cases and another 90-plus probable or suspect cases of the illness between late April and June.

In the 69-page report, investigators said the “most likely source” of the lettuce, tomatoes and olives linked to the illnesses was Lincoln-based Sysco Central Illinois Inc., which delivered produce to the affected restaurants.

Samples collected at the company’s distribution facility in June, after many of the victims had already contracted the illness, were tested and found negative for salmonella.

Areas that may have been the source of salmonella may have been washed down and produce that was affected may have been discarded.

The report, which will be forwarded to the federal Centers for Disease Control, shows that 299 Subway restaurants were forced to dispose of their produce during the event.

More than 480 workers at the stores had to be tested. A dozen of them were found to be positive for the strain of salmonella.

Clean up dog poop or this woman will throw it through your screen

NBC Chicago reports a woman finally had enough after she stepped in her neighbor’s dog’s poop. Again.

Susan Miller first took the offending poop off her shoe, and wiped it on her neighbor’s porch.

Police report that Miller next "threw dog feces at the [dog owner’s] sliding patio screen."

On the grounds was a sign informing dog walkers to pick up after their pets.

Miller reportedly "uprooted it and placed it on the dog owner’s patio."

As if that weren’t enough, the angry woman topped it all off by allegedly placing several small, green plastic bags of dog poo "on various places on the patio," reports the Naperville Sun.

57 people barfing after weddings at Illinois banquet hall

Chicago Breaking News reports that at least four people were hospitalized and 53 others reported illnesses after attending wedding parties this month at a banquet hall in south suburban Mokena, Illinois, leading Will County health officials to try to determine the cause.

The Health Department is looking for others who may have gotten sick after attending weddings at Di Nolfo’s Banquet Inn and Catering on July 16 and 17.

Health officials believe the source of the illness is norovirus. Health officials collected and tested food from Di Nolfo’s, 9425 W. 191st Street, but did not find any significant violations. None of Di Nolfo’s employees have reported illnesses, officials said.

Nuevo Folleto Informativo: Skokie Country Club en Glencoe, Illinois, relacionado con un brote de Salmonella

Traducido por Gonzalo Erdozain
Resumen del folleto informativo mas reciente:
– El brote resultó 
en 37 casos confirmados, 50 posibles casos 
y 8 hospitalizaciones.
– Las reuniones han sido reubicadas 
por la clausura 
de la cocina.
– Preparadores de alimentos pueden transmitir Salmonella sin presentar síntomas
– Solo el 3% de los casos de salmonelosis son reportados oficialmente.
Los folletos informativos son creados semanalmente y puestos en restaurantes, tiendas y granjas, y son usados para entrenar y educar a través del mundo. Si usted quiere proponer un tema o mandar fotos para los folletos, contacte a Ben Chapman a benjamin_chapman@ncsu.edu.
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Salmonella dampens sales at Subway

Sales continue to be down by one-third to one-half at Springfield-area Subway restaurants more than a month after dozens of Subways in central and northern Illinois threw out all vegetables suspected of causing a salmonella outbreak.

The illness hospitalized at least 26 people and sickened 103.

A total of 103 people — 101 Illinois residents and two people from outside the state — reported becoming ill and testing positive for the salmonella strain.

Subway officials have cooperated with the investigation. They voluntarily discarded all produce — lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and red onions — suspected to be connected with illnesses.

The affected people ate at 49 Subway locations in 28 Illinois counties and one Subway in Minnesota.

Salmonella outbreak at Illinois country club, 7 confirmed sick

No one seems to be talking but health officials are investigating an outbreak of salmonella poisoning at the Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, Illinois.

There have been seven laboratory-confirmed cases of the bacteria originating from the north suburban country club since June 10, and the club voluntarily closed its kitchen on Thursday.

The politics of produce and going public

There are now 97 people sick with salmonella in 28 Illinois counties, all related to eating at a bunch of different Subway restaurants.

A bunch of the food handlers at different Subway outlets have tested positive for salmonella, but that’s probably because they’re snacking on the same ingredients the customers get in their sandwiches.

When the outbreak was first identified, Subway pulled its lettuce, green peppers, red onions and tomatoes from restaurants and brought in new supplies. A prudent produce move.

But now the Packer reports that investigators are saying fresh produce is just a “possible” source of the salmonella outbreak.

Although federal, state and local health agencies have not named fresh vegetables as the definitive source, Melaney Arnold, an Illinois Department of Public Health spokeswoman, has said the investigation was leaning toward produce as the culprit. On June 23, Arnold characterized produce only as a possible source.

Goodbye sister disco; epidemiology doesn’t count and Subway sorta sucks at identifying suppliers; 79 sick with Salmonella; produce prime suspect

The Illinois Department of Health came out today and said there were now 79 confirmed cases of Salmonella serotype Hvittingfoss from eating at Subway restaurants located in 26 Illinois counties.

And while Subway has yanked some of its produce items like lettuce and tomatoes from these stores, no one will apparently point the finger.

Oh epidemiology, I’ll still dance with you.

71 now confirmed sick in Subway Salmonella outbreak; produce suspected

An Illinois health spokesperson told The Packer today that fresh produce was the likely culprit sickening at least 71 people with Salmonella who ate at Subway restaurants in 22 different counties.

But no one’s really talking. That Spongebob cone of silence is working a lot better for the produce industry that it is for BP.

As of this morning, there were 71 confirmed cases of Salmonella serotype Hvittingfoss affecting people from 2- to 88-years-old.

Melaney Arnold, communications manager for the Illinois Department of Public Health told The Packer 26 people have been hospitalized, and seven were still in the hospital as of today.

Subway restaurants in 22 Illinois counties removed lettuce, green peppers, red onions and tomatoes from restaurants during the period in which people who got sick reported eating at a Subway — May 11 to May 25, according to the department — and replaced them with new product, according to a Subway news release.