Jaw Wired Shut blog

I had a broken jaw once – wired shut for six weeks. Filled up on soup, shakes and various forms of slop.

That was a long time ago. Today, people with broken jaws can go to the Jaw Wired Shut blog.

Frank Bruni writes in the New York Times,

Jaw Wired Shut is one of those when-God-gives-you-lemons things, and it really does capture the glory of the Internet, which allows people in very particular situations, with very particular needs, to find guidance and company. To connect.

But it also has an amusing dimension, with a cultural-commentary side. As the blog’s author approaches her latest appointment with the blender, she muses on flavors and food rituals much the way any other recipe writer or tester would, never mind that her end result will invariably be … mush.

The posts play as a simultaneous homage to, and parody of, food porn today.

“Fresh lettuce reminds me of childhood summers,” begins one recent post. “I loved going next door to play in the dirt in our neighbor’s garden.”