Food fells Bryant again, Nuggets beat Lakers

Ten years ago, armchair epidemiologist and fidelity poster boy Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers (apparently a basketball team) came down with food poisoning after eating a room service dinner of a cheeseburger and cheesecake at the Lakers’ Sacramento hotel. The Lakers won.

Last night, Bryant was again suffering from gastro but the Denver Nuggets crushed the Lakers, 113-96, forcing a game 7 in their playoff series.

Bryant was not available for comment before the game, ignoring reporters’ questions as he walked from the bus into the arena and down a corridor to the locker room. He headed directly for the training room.

Phoenix Suns coach loses lunch and game

Last night was rough for Phoenix Suns coach Alvin Gentry, as his team lost at the buzzer to the L.A. Lakers in basketball’s western conference playoff game; and he vomited into a garbage can during the game, which he blamed on food poisoning – the chicken wrap or the fried guacamole.

I’m going with the guacamole. I still can’t touch the stuff after a girlfriend 25 years ago had a tragic guacamole vomiting incident – tragic in that it was everywhere, accompanied with the burning scent of garlic and avocado.

And is there anything Americans won’t deep-fry?

A colleague reports that after the game, one of the television dudes theorized the coach was likely targeted by some restaurant worker who was a Laker fan.

After hurling, Gentry stayed on the bench, had an IV treatment at halftime and later blamed his condition on fried food from a nearby eatery, adding,

"I was not going to leave the sidelines. I told someone it’s very similar to college. Once you get it out of the system, everything’s OK. It’s like a Friday night frat party, OK?"