Alligator’s have manners. Do you?

Megan Hardigree (right) writes,

Research shows that people learn handwashing and other hand hygiene acts at a young age, primarily during toilet training. To support parenting efforts, the Disney Channel’s television show, “Can You Teach my Alligator Manners,” reinforced hand hygiene manners on an episode today. Mikey’s pet alligator, Al, had the Alligator Sniffles. Mikey told Al he should cover his mouth and nose during sneezing and coughing with a tissue and to wash his hands (or paws) with soap and water thoroughly afterward to prevent the spread of germs.

We can all learn from Mikey and Al. Washing hands is not only important, but is necessary to do before and after eating or handling food, before and after using the bathroom, and, especially, when we are sick or have sick-like symptoms (e.g., sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose).

Thank you, Disney, for enforcing hand hygiene in children, and their parents, including my sister-in-law, Jessica, who watches the show everyday with my niece Kolbi Lee (below)