Australian supermarket edict on porn but not food safety

Coles is one of the two major supermarkets in Australia.

coles.miranda.dec.15They recruit celebrity chefs like Heston-norovirus Blumenthal and Curtis-aren’t-I-handsome Stone, while Woolworth’s goes for Jamie-watch-all-the-food-safety-mistakes-I-make Oliver.

Coles also has a unique set of priorities.

Coles won’t install hand wipes like most U.S. supermarkets have, to deal with inadequate meat packaging and dripping bacterial-laden juices because they cost $0.05 each, put has decided to pull thousands of copies of Harper’s Bazaar Australia magazine featuring a nude Miranda Kerr on the cover because the store’s executives deemed it “inappropriate”.

However, the retail giant has been unable to elaborate on what was the catalyst for the decision to impose the censorship on behalf of its shoppers.

Sydney store fined over sushi

The NSW Food Authority has added the sushi bar at upmarket retailer David Jones, located in its famous food hall on Market Street, Sydney, to its Name and Shame list for not keeping food at the required temperature (that’s model Miranda Kerr, right, shopping at the store).

"Prawn and salmon sushi with cooked rice was found to be in the temperature range of 11.8C to 24.5C, Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan said in a statement on Saturday.

"The required temperature for retail display is 5C or less, unless a business has in place a system to ensure product is displayed for no more than four hours without refrigeration."

The department store was fined $660 fine for the breach.

Other food outlets added to the NSW Food Authority’s Name and Shame register in the past month include Koh-Ya Yakiniku Japanese restaurant, in Neutral Bay.

The restaurant was fined $660 for storing raw meat on dirty wet towels directly above ready-to-eat food.