The story was so good, we made it into an infosheet

Last week a few subscribers emailed us a story about inappropriate acts in a St. John’s, NFLD Dairy Queen.   Seems that while managers weren’t around staff were mooning, grabbing their body parts and then going back to food handling without washing up.  Sounded like a perfect infosheet to us, so here it is.

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After baring your butt at Dairy Queen, ” Oh man, you gotta wipe that now”

Would you like fries with that, as the employee drops his pants and bares his bottom outside the takeout window.

That’s apparently in a video from a St. John’s, Canada, Dairy Queen franchise.

"Oh man, you gotta wipe that now," a co-worker advises him, apparently in vain. The employee continues about his work, without — at least immediately — washing his hands.

CBC News reports that the video also shows a snowball fight behind the counter, where food orders are prepared and served. Christmas decorations are visible in the video.

Messages posted by former and current employees also made comments about the questionable handling of food at the restaurant.

Franchise owner Albert Buott was quoted as saying, "Good God almighty. Where’s my managers? Who’s allowing this to happen?"

A provincial food inspection official said dropping one’s pants behind a restaurant counter is a health-code violation.