Real Housewives of New York dogs drink too

In the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Ramona is having a calendar shoot with her dog when Sonja shows up for a chat with her pup. The four are seated on an elegant couch when the guest doggy gets thirsty. Sonja, without missing a beat, offers her pooch her water glass and tells him kindly it is too early for champagne.

RHONY-dog RHONY-Ramona RHONY-Sonja

Ramona, polite but taken aback says, “I have water right in the kitchen. You know, I hope you’re not going to drink from that after.”

Sonja replies distracted, “I miss Milou so much but this dog is just…” and sighs.

And then Sonja takes a drink from the same glass.

Perhaps she learned her etiquette from Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Lisa.

Puppy ban after 15 sickened by Campylobacter in Aust. aged care facility

Health officials have recommended puppies be banned from aged care facilities after two outbreaks of Campylobacter gastroenteritis in a Canberra nursing home.

But trained adult dogs will still be able to visit aged care homes.

The Age reports a paper to be presented at a Communicable Diseases Conference in Canberra on Tuesday will outline how15 people were dog_vomitinfected during two separate gastroenteritis outbreaks in the nursing home between April and June last year.

A healthy four-month-old puppy was identified as the likely cause of the outbreaks and excluded from the facility.

”Campylobacter jejuni was recovered from both human and canine faecal samples,” the study findings said.

”A review of published literature showed puppies extensively shed Campylobacter species.

”The [aged care] setting and low infective dose also made transmission likely, despite the varying degrees of contact between the puppy and cases.

”While infection control practices were generally appropriate, the facility’s animal policy did not adequately address potential zoonotic risk.”