‘You don’t poop where you eat’ so no Real Housewives of St. Louis

Andy Cohen had lots of reasons to look forward to a trip home to St. Louis over the weekend.

jake.allen.st.louisCohen, a Clayton High School alum who named his dog Wacha, threw out the first pitch at the St. Louis Cardinals game on Friday with his parents by his side. He visited his cousin Josh Allen, owner of Companion bakery and cafe, at the bakery’s new Westport location. He even went to a fundraiser for Missouri senate candidate Jason Kander.

One thing Cohen didn’t have to do: hobnob with the brash and bold personalities of the Real Housewives of St. Louis.

That’s because there are no “Real Housewives of St. Louis,” which may seem odd once you realize that Cohen is the man behind the hit Real Housewives franchise. The closest St. Louis comes to having a RHOSTL is seeing Jim Edmonds and his wife Meghan bringing some St. Louis flavor to season ten of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Cohen has said before he doesn’t want to start a franchise of his most famous creation in St. Louis. As the Bravo executive told the New York Times in 2010: “I’m from St. Louis. I know the real housewives of St. Louis. I don’t necessarily want to see them on TV. Please don’t let that be a slam on my hometown because it’s my favorite place.”

“You don’t poop where you eat,” Cohen said when asked why there’s no RHOSTL in an interview broadcast on the jumbotron for the whole stadium. “I don’t want to come back to St. Louis and have to deal with the Real Housewives of St. Louis.”

Go Blues.

Real Housewives of New York dogs drink too

In the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Ramona is having a calendar shoot with her dog when Sonja shows up for a chat with her pup. The four are seated on an elegant couch when the guest doggy gets thirsty. Sonja, without missing a beat, offers her pooch her water glass and tells him kindly it is too early for champagne.

RHONY-dog RHONY-Ramona RHONY-Sonja

Ramona, polite but taken aback says, “I have water right in the kitchen. You know, I hope you’re not going to drink from that after.”

Sonja replies distracted, “I miss Milou so much but this dog is just…” and sighs.

And then Sonja takes a drink from the same glass.

Perhaps she learned her etiquette from Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Lisa.

This Housewife is banned from my kitchen; washing chicken is a cross-contamination risk

I don’t watch any of the Real Housewives of Whereverland, but Amy does.

I don’t know the characters; I don’t care. But I like a good food safety yarn.

Lisa of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills, says, “I’ve sold thousands of chicken dinners in my restaurant so I’m perfectly qualified to teach Adrienne how to cook a chicken. I mean, it’s not rocket science.”

Lisa and Adrienne wear gloves, spread bacteria everywhere, wash the bird, and then remove their gloves to stuff the birds with herbs and stuff.

Lisa is amazed that Adrienne wants to wash her chicken with soap.

I’m amazed Lisa the restaurant owner wants to wash the bird.

Most government agencies now advise against washing chickens, but decades will pass before bad culture catches up.

As a spokesthingy from the U.K. Food Standards Agency said a while ago,

”Washing raw poultry is a common kitchen mistake, and it simply isn’t necessary. … By washing your raw bird, you’re actually more likely to spread the germs around the kitchen than get rid of them.”

Real Housewives, Really Gross

 We’ve been away from our American television channels and DVR for a few months already, and I’ve had some odd cravings for bad television. So last night I loaded up the season premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills only to watch some unsanitary behaviour and food safety mistakes.

The entire episode was weirdly awkward, but when Ken, the stiff-upper-lipped British gentleman, claimed that therapy would make him feel weak, and then proceeded to let his little celebrity-pooch Jiggy drink from the very expensive crystal glass set before him, I cringed. Not to worry, it got worse. Once Jiggy had finished shoving his whole head into the glass, Ken picked it up and had a drink, too.
Bad television? The Housewives never disappoint. In the outtakes for upcoming episodes, Lisa (Jiggy’s mommy) is demonstrating to Adrienne how to prepare a large bird. She says that first it needs to be washed. Adrienne has her own bird, follows Lisa to the sink, and proceeds to use hand soap on it. Lisa thinks this is utterly ridiculous, of course. I can’t wait to see the cross-contaminations continue.
I’m no real housewife but I do know better than to wash my bird in the sink or to let my doggy drink from my glass at a dinner party.

Gonzalo Erdozain: Real housewife of New Jersey or not, don’t wash your poultry

The only positive thing about working on the couch while my wife watches Real Housewives of New Jersey is that sooner or later, they will screw something up, and I can blog about it.

This week’s episode wasn’t any different. Teresa (right, exactly as shown), one of the many wives, was hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the family. After visiting a local poultry farm, and feeling sorry for the live turkey, she decided to buy a turkey that had been slaughtered the day before. The issue however is not animal welfare, but the food safety atrocity she committed next by washing her turkey in the sink –- this is somebody who has published two cooking books. It has been proven that bacteria can travel up to 3 feet from the sink, highly increasing the risk of cross-contamination.

On a positive note, she was actually shown using a thermometer – it wasn’t digital, but at least she was using one.