Everyone’ got a camera Red Rooster Australia edition

Nick Hall of Franchise Business reports fast food chain Red Rooster has made the drastic decision to shut two Perth outlets after leaked photos raised concerns over food safety.

Images posted on Facebook appear to show cooked chickens piled into the back of a Red Rooster delivery vehicle; unwrapped, unrefrigerated and in seemingly unsanitary condition.

Furthermore, reports suggest the chickens were being transported on day when the Perth sun was at its deadliest.

Social media users slammed the outlet for its unsanitary practices, with many questioning why the chickens were placed in the back of the car in the first place.

“To me this looks like a store has ran out of chicken and someone has transferred these from one store to another,” one user speculated.

In response to the alleged food safety breaches, Red Rooster quickly moved to close Forrestfield store, along with another in Waypoint also under the same franchisee’s direction.

In a statement, Red Rooster confirmed that the stores would remained closed until investigations were finalised.

“These stores will remain closed while detailed investigations are conducted, required actions are taken and we are satisfied that the operating standards of these locations meet the high expectations of our strict brand standards,” the brand said.

“We have alerted the relevant authorities and are working with them closely while our local staff on the ground undertake the investigation and actions required to meet our brand standards.”

Red Rooster fined $50,000 for dirty kitchen

A Brisbane outlet of Australian fast-food joint Red Rooster has been fined $50,000 after pleading guilty to food standards breaches based on 2009 inspections – the third such conviction for the store.

Prosecutor Luke Godfrey said, "It’s clear there is a large degree of non-compliance particularly regarding cleanliness.”
But defense counsel Richard Perry said none of the matters before the court were likely to lead to the contamination of food.

He added that since the time of these offences in 2009, Red Rooster’s Moorooka store had gained a four-star rating from Brisbane City Council for food standards.

Chief Magistrate Brendan Butler accepted some charges seemed less serious than others, and that there was a significant improvement in the cleanliness of the store between council’s two inspections.

"However the extent of uncleanliness on the first occasion can’t be trivialized," he said.