Roaches everywhere: Florida restaurant reopens after closure

The Largo Family Restaurant, 788 Missouri Ave. N., was shut down as an emergency closure Nov. 20.

635538519632170263-rra2The restaurant is a favorite meeting spot for customers like Bob Swenson and Carol Usiak.

“We come here all the time,” said Swenson. “We’re regulars here.”

The establishment is popular with seniors and families with small children. But some of those customers could be susceptible to getting sick due to serious health code violations.

The restaurant was written up Nov. 20 with 31 violations.

Problems were so severe the restaurant was ordered to temporarily close with roaches running around the kitchen right above where an employee was prepping food.

It gets worse, with more live roaches found in a box of lasagna noodles near the spices and single service items, and another roach in the corn meal container.

The inspector even reported finding dead roaches in the soap dispenser used by employees to wash their hands.

Make (safe) food not war; SoHo restaurant boom closed by health department

Boom, a SoHo restaurant and music venue, was forced to close down on Friday after New York City health inspectors found evidence of live roaches, flies and plumbing problems. reports the restaurant, which has been open for more than 20 years, racked up 38 health violation points.

The restaurant plans to re-open on Wednesday, manager Marchi Palloni said Tuesday evening.

"Everything is fine now. We just need to make sure that everything is under Health Department laws," he said.

The restaurant, whose slogan is "make food not war," received two other poor health ratings this summer. On Aug. 22, health inspectors found roaches, flies, evidence of rats and "inadequate personal cleanliness." The restaurant received 52 points then.

Several Yelp reviewers described Boom as a hot spot for live music, dancing and people watching, but not dining.

"Come here for the eye candy … not the food," one reviewer wrote.

Rats and roaches at San Antonio sushi favorite

WOIA News 4 reports that Goro’s Sushi was served 25 demerits on its latest health inspection. 30 is considered a poor score by the health department. But rats and roaches are a big problem.

Goro’s owner, Mike Luna, did not want to be on camera. Trouble Shooter Mireya Villarreal tried to ask about the restaurant’s inspection report. But all the owner would say is, it wasn’t a good time and our crew needed to leave.

Goro’s later sent News 4 WOAI a statement saying they immediately called their pest control company and thoroughly cleaned the restaurant once they were notified of the problems.

An inspector recently followed up with the restaurant. While the report noted improvements, it also asked management to keep monitoring their rodent activity.