Salmonella outbreak in Nebraska reports tonight that 14 cases of Salmonella have been linked together by DNA fingerprinting in Douglas County, Nebraska:

The first cases were reported earlier this week, in which women younger than 50 — and all the way into their teens — were getting infected, said Dr. Ann O’Keefe.
Health experts know all illnesses have been connected to the same strain, but they don’t know where it originated.
The strain has been submitted to the Centers For Disease Control and has an identical serotype to the jalapeno and tomato outbreaks in the fall 
(which was Saintpaul) but a different genetic fingerprint. 
Officials are reviewing detailed information from multiple victims in hopes of targeting the strain’s source, said state epidemiologist Dr. Tom Safranek.


In the past, Salmonella Saintpaul has been linked to tomatoes/peppers, melons, paprika and sprouts.

Salmonella Symptoms

Someone came to the blog this morning searching “Salmonella Saintpaul flatulence” inspiring this post. As of last night 138 people in 11 states were sick from Salmonella in tomatoes.

According to, Salmonella can cause gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and bacteremia. The following are symptoms of Salmonella gastroenteritis:

  • diarrhea
  • abdominal cramps
  • fever, generally 100°F to 102°F (38°C to 39°C)
  • nausea, and/or
  • vomiting

In mild cases diarrhea may be non-bloody, occur several times per day, and not be very voluminous; in severe cases it may be frequent, bloody and/or mucoid, and of high volume. Vomiting is less common than diarrhea.

Other frequently reported symptoms are

  • headaches
  • muscle pain, and
  • joint pain

Whereas the diarrhea typically lasts 24 to 72 hours, patients often report fatigue and other nonspecific symptoms lasting 7 days or longer.

The FDA has a thorough analysis of Salmonella in their Bad Bug Book.

If you are concerned that you have food poisoning, you should contact your local health unit or Seattle law firm Marler-Clark that specializes in foodborne illness litigation.