Crooner, twitterer, celebrity dater and sensitive pooper, John Mayer cancels tour reports that John Mayer’s team has announced the singer wouldn’t be finishing his European tour as he fell victim to diarrhea.

Sources are reporting that John allegedly fled from his tour due to a case of food poisoning. Supposedly, John spent the night on the john after he ate something nasty at the catering table in Copenhagen. This "intestinal illness" was allegedly painful enough for John to request to return home.

Do they not have Pepto-Bismol in Denmark? If we were his tour promoters, we’d be pissed at his shiz! That’s a lot of a money lost over the squirts.

Salmonella and shigella: trying times for British tourists

This isn’t a Chevy Chase-John Candy (right) kind of vacation.

The widow of an elderly British tourist who died after falling ill with salmonella poisoning at a luxury Italian hotel has called for better safety standards at holiday resorts.

The Birmingham Post reports that Jean Appleyard and her husband, Geoffrey, aged 71, were staying at the four-star Grand Hotel in the Gardone resort on the shores of Lake Garda last year when both began to suffer from fever and stomach pains.

An inquest at South Worcestershire Coroners’ Court yesterday recorded a verdict of misadventure after hearing evidence that the salmonella poisoning Mr Appleyard contracted contributed to his death.

Coroner Geraint Williams said:

“Although the hotel seemed very picturesque, there was a very dark side in the kitchen and cellars where there was a virulent contamination of salmonella in the foodstuffs. This was served to the guests and, as a consequence, a large number became ill. Mr Appleyard died because he was not able to withstand this infection.”

The Italian authorities confirmed that salmonella was detected at the hotel.

Mrs Appleyard said, 

“We went to the Grand Hotel for a luxury holiday. It is simply appalling that we fell ill and Geoffrey contracted something as serious as salmonella at a hotel like that. Tour operators have to ensure they are doing everything they possibly can to make sure holidaymakers are protected from outbreaks like this.”

Meanwhile, The Independent reports that 50-year-old Julian Hurley from South Yorkshire, U.K., said he was delighted today after being awarded nearly £300,000 compensation from tour operator First Choice following his diagnosis of shigella after eating "poor-standard" food at an all-inclusive hotel in Venezuela in August 2004.

Mr Hurley said.

"When we went to the hotel restaurant I tried a variety of different dishes, which included cooked meats. The food was of an extremely poor standard, a lot of the dishes were undercooked and some of them were almost cold. The impact that this hellish holiday has had on our lives has been devastating. I now struggle to walk long distances and find myself getting tired easily. I am still suffering from symptoms to this day and will do for the rest of my life, which has been very difficult to come to terms with.”


Bite Me ’09: Jacksonville, Florida

After the warm-up gig in Raleigh, three days of golf with some of the Guelph mafia in North Carolina, a night at Hilton Head, S.C. and hanging on the beach in Ponte Vedra, Florida, the tour goes into rock mode tomorrow.

I may suck at golf, but I am entertaining. Unfortunately, golf is not why I got invited to the Sawgrass Marriott at the Tournament Player’s Club in Ponte Vedra. Apparently it has something to do with food safety, so I’ll try to at least be entertaining.