Nebraska basketball team hit with food poisoning


I used to play basketball when I was younger and was MVP in high school. Now I would be lucky if I could dribble the ball properly.

I guess it would be hard to practice when you’re on the verge of barfing.

10/11 Now reports

The Nebraska Wesleyan men’s basketball team had to battle food poisoning Monday, as only nine players practiced with several sick, including Head Coach Dale Wellman.

Wellman said he was forced to sleep in his office while he tried to prepare for the national semifinals.

The Prairie Wolves think it was actually the meal before their Elite 8 win that caused over half the team to get sick.

Nebraska Wesleyan advanced to the Final Four over the weekend and will play on Friday in Salem, Virginia.

That will be the program’s fifth Final Four appearance.

Moscow Mule: cool drink, bad idea

One of the trendiest drinks of 2017 is the Moscow Mule: a refreshing mix of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice.
Much of the cocktail’s appeal is down to the fact it’s often served in very Instagram-friendly copper-coloured mugs.
But now a US state department has issued a warning that these pretty vessels could give you food poisoning if they have not been specially made for cocktails.
The stark message comes from the state of Iowa’s Alcoholic Beverages Division, which has warned that copper and copper alloys are poisonous if consumed.
When these metals come into contact with food or drink with a pH level lower than 6, copper may leak into the edible substance and can be accidentally consumed.
The warning states: ‘High concentrations of copper are poisonous and have caused foodborne illness.’
The pH level of a Moscow Mule is well below 6, which is why Iowa and several other states have issued the warning as these cocktails are often served in copper mugs.

Symptoms of copper food poisoning can occur immediately which includes nausea, vomiting (green), diarrhea and can leave a metallic taste in the mouth.
Never a good idea to dispense high acid foods with anything copper but that drink sounds good.

Euro 2016 qualifier in doubt after 16 players get food poisoning

As one of my food safety colleagues commented, appears to be a case of the dribbles. may have to postpone Tuesday’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Belarus after 16 members of their squad contracted food poisoning.

The players complained of “terrible stomach aches” after eating a meal of spaghetti bolognaise on Sunday at the team’s hotel in Minsk.

Just four of the 20-man squad were unaffected.

The Luxembourg Football Federation said they are in “close contact” with Uefa about potentially rearranging the game.

A decision is expected by Tuesday.

Hundreds of inmates suffer food poisoning at Mexican prison

Nearly 450 inmates required medical attention suffering food poisoning at a maximum security prison in western Mexico, Jalisco state authorities said.

16267_zoom“None of the (affected inmates) is in serious condition, nor did any require medical transfer,” the state public safety office said.

Officials did not mention the name of the prison, but media accounts identified the facility as Puente Grande.

29 sick after Australian wake; again with the eggs?

Suspected food poisoning left most guests at a Canberra wake last week bedridden, with some interstate travellers having to delay trips home because of vomiting, a Canberra woman says.

Cheryle Parkes said 29 of the 40 guests had become sick after eating at her mother’s wake at the Raiders Belconnen club in Kippax last Wednesday.

Cheryle ParkesThe 61-year-old Ngunnawal resident suspects chicken and egg sandwiches were the cause.

”My brother-in-law had such severe diarrhoea, my sister had shocking vomiting,” Mrs Parkes said.

”Another lady, my sister’s sister-in-law, said she’d never been so sick in her life.

Raiders club manager Craig Potts said staff were working with ACT Health. ”If there is an issue we need to deal with it, but currently they haven’t given us any findings and therefore we are unable to deal further with this in this instance,” he said.

”As soon as the findings are made available we will be in contact with the client we dealt with and will take any needed action as such.”

An ACT Health spokeswoman would not comment on the specific complaint on Wednesday.

”ACT Health can confirm we are currently investigating a number of possible food poisoning outbreaks,” the spokeswoman said in a statement. ”We are unable to comment on the source or cause of any alleged outbreaks.”

While the $627 spread for the noon wake included a cake platter, hot foods and a cheese and dry fruit offering, Mrs Parkes said the sandwiches were the common raweggdenominator in those who had later become ill.

”I had a quarter of a quarter of a chicken and mayo sandwich,” she said.

”I’d say [mayonnaise] is in the egg too.”

Mrs Parkes said she was disappointed by the lack of detail.

”What did they find? I need to know what has made us sick,” she said.

Mrs Parkes said she wanted a refund from the Raiders club for the aftermath of the important day.

”You go to celebrate your mother’s life and everyone’s ill, and you’re apologizing to them for being so sick,” she said.

Home-made mayonnaise was to blame last year when 140 diners fell ill and 15 were admitted to hospital after eating at the Copa Brazilian Churrasco restaurant on May 12.

Australia still has an egg problem. And there’s nothing like a grandmother who has catering experience and just lost her mother to lay plain the lumbering attitude towards Australian consumers from both government and industry.

More on that later.

A table of raw-egg related outbreaks in Australia is available at (and we’re working to update the tables).


Goths mope more; Morrissey cancels South American tour, blames food poisoning

I don’t like the music of The Smiths. I do not like the music of Morrissey. It’s the soundtrack for depressed goth-wannabes.

But according to a website devoted to the music of the 1980s — which with rare exception absolutely sucked — Morrissey has postponed his entire South American tour after he and members of his team suffered “severe food poisoning,” an almost impossible-to-believe development morrissey_1399355cjust hours before the ex-Smiths singer was due to return to the stage for the first time since canceling his illness-plagued North American tour.
According to multiple media reports — including one in El Comercio, Peru’s largest newspaper — the promoter of what were to be the 14-date tour’s opening concerts tonight and Wednesday in Lima posted on Facebook late this afternoon that the entire tour was being postponed and is to be rescheduled in the coming months. New dates are to be announced “shortly.”

That message, translated to English, reads:
“Due to severe food poisoning suffered by the artist and of the accompanying equipment in Lima, Latin concerts scheduled for July and August will be postponed for the next months. The new dates will be communicated shortly. Morrissey and his team have been in Lima, Peru, from July 1. The artist was very excited about the upcoming shows and are very disappointed to have to postpone the dates.”
I’m not sure the equipment suffered food poisoning. But things get lost in translation.

According to a similar but lengthier statement posted by Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile — where the former Smiths frontman was slated to perform a free concert July 26 — those sickened “have remained at rest and observation,” while Morrissey is returning to England to be under the care of his “personal physicians.”

Food poisoning has forced Greg Norman, Hilary Clinton, out of events

There was this one time, in Newport News, Virginia, where we Canadians used to go golfing, and Chapman barfed on the first tee.

Naylor followed suit.

They were hung over from excessive free booze after the most unlikely of players scored a hole-in-one.

That’s probably not what happened to golfer Greg Norman, who is a shock withdrawal from the Australian PGA at Coolum because of food poisoning.

Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has curtailed activities because of a stomach virus.

Doctors were tending to Norman last night when he was first gripped by the stomach problems and medicos were attending to him at Coolum immediately after his forced exit this morning.

32 students suffer food poisoning at Gion hotel in Kyoto

A group of 32 high school children staying in a traditional Japanese inn in Kyoto’s famous Gion area were rushed to hospital on Friday after an outbreak of food poisoning.

Police said that the students were staying at Karaku, a traditional Japanese-style inn in the heart of Kyoto’s geisha district. The first year high school students from Iwate Prefecture began vomiting and complaining of stomach pain at about 3 a.m., NTV reported. At the time the children were taken to hospital, three of them were unable to walk, authorities said.

The students had been staying at the inn since Wednesday and had their breakfast and dinner there. The inn was reportedly already under investigation by Kyoto city authorities due to reports of stomach pain from a different group of 11 school children who stayed at the inn on Dec 2.

Bellator 83 results: Food poisoning scuttles featherweight MMA tourney finale

Even mixed martial arts or MMA fighters can get food poisoning.

MMA Fighting reports Friday night was bizarro night for Bellator, a nightmare kind of evening that simply needs to be left in the rear view mirror. A current champion lost, a former champion lost, a key star was injured, and a bizarre incident led to a last-minute main event cancellation.

Shahbulat Shamhalaev was not allowed to fight by the New Jersey state athletic control board after he was struck by a bout of food poisoning. The decision was not announced until just before the fight was set to take place as the Bellator 83 headline bout at Caesars Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.