‘Secret police’ is never good (unless it’s a ball) but will ensure food safety in Dubai

Inspections on eateries have been launched in the emirate, as part of preparations for the holy month, a Dubai Municipality official said.

secret.policeman's.other.ballThe campaign mainly targets Mandi places and traditional restaurants as they get more customers during Ramadan.

Sultan Ali Al Taher, head of the Food Inspection Section at DM, said food preparations, thermal control and vehicles used to transport food items will be examined to make sure the process complies with safety conditions.

The department will cooperate with residents and “hire a secret inspector who will help in detecting violations and make sure food suppliers abide by safety and sanitary rules,” said Al Taher.

A permit from the Food Safety Department must be obtained before displaying food during the holy month.

Fairytales from China: President Xi Jinping urges “strictest” food safety measures

President Xi Jinping has underscored the need to implement the “strictest” measures to ensure food safety.

china.food_.safety.law_Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, made the remarks in an instruction published Thursday.

Noting the impact that food safety has on people’s livelihoods and public confidence in the government, Xi called on all authorities to perform their due duty with the people at the forefront of all work.

The reputation of food safety in China is grave, Xi said, adding that there needs to be a more unified, authoritative supervision system as well as supporting regulations.

He said the strongest measures were needed, featuring rigorous standards, strict supervision, serious punishments and an authoritative accountability system.

In a separate instruction, Premier Li Keqiang pledged “zero tolerance” to food safety violations, promising timely and harsh punishment for guilty parties.

Calling food safety work a “sacred political duty” for the CPC and the government, the vice premier called for better supervision to ensure this work is properly done, so those guilty of dereliction of duty are held accountable.

He also underlined food safety particularly during the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year holiday.

Vice Premier Wang Yang also attended Thursday’s meeting.