Joe Gorga worries too much about his poison, too little about real risk of food poisoning

With only a week of exams left before completing second-year vet school, Gonzalo has resurfaced with the writing bug, revealing the amount of bad TV he (and many others) watch to decompress from studying. It may also explain his interest in soccer.

You may ask, what’s grosser than going over skin lesions for a systemic pathology final exam? Watching Joe Gorga of Watch What Happens Next, chug down a whole, raw egg yolk followed by a shot of tequila.

I hate tequila, almost as much as the risk of food poisoning associated with ingesting raw eggs. Consumption of raw eggs, including dishes and drinks prepared with raw eggs (home-made ice cream, Caesar salad dressing, egg nog) have been linked to Salmonella outbreaks in the past. To date, there isn’t any published scientific data to prove alcohol in egg nog or other drinks is sufficient to kill all Salmonella, and CDC recommends against ingesting raw eggs. For a list of raw-eggs-related outbreaks, just in Australia, check out