Jimmy Fallon tests Will Forte’s beard for bacteria & poop

Will Forte, the star of “Last Man Standing” had his big beard tested with the results announced by “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

will.forte.beardForte told Fallon that his friends had been sending him articles about facial hair being infested with bacteria and “poop.”

“A lot of these beards are riddled with fecal matter,” he told Fallon.

You can’t sleep at night because you have poop in your beard?”

Forte’s beard was swabbed by a post-doctoral research scholar from UCLA. The samples were then sent to a lab where they underwent germ analysis.

The actor was flanked on either side by Emmy-award winner Jon Hamm and Rachel Dratch as Fallon read the test results live on the air.

Forte tested positive for several strains of bacteria.

Here’s what was found in Forte’s facial hair: pseudomonas, a bacteria most commonly found in soil and dirty sneakers, serratia marcescens, a bacteria found in dirty showers, staphylococcus, most commonly found in trash cans, and yeast.

But it all came down to the one final test.

“Did you have poop in your beard?” Fallon said.

The test results came out negative for poop. 

“I was so scared,” Forte shouted, running into the audience to celebrate.