Ohio woman arrested for calling 911 about bad Chinese food

A 44-year-old Ohio woman was arrested Monday after calling 911 to report Chinese food that was “not up to par for her liking,” according to police.

911.ohioTracey McCloud, of Alliance, placed the call to the emergency number from inside Main Moon Chinese Restaurant.

The call did not qualify as an emergency and she was arrested and charged with misuse of 911, which is a misdemeanor, police said.

Alliance Police are reminding residents that misuse or abuse of the system can delay dispatchers from taking calls from people with real emergencies.

McCloud is scheduled to appear in court later this week.

Man calls 911 to report undercooked chicken

Sometimes folks are complacent when they order food and it comes to their table or home not to their liking. I had an experience with my dad when I was a teenager, being the nice Canadian he is, struggling through a burger that he thought was too pink (although color isn’t an indicator).

The same can’t be said for a Saskatchewan (that’s in Canada) man who called 911 to report an undercooked piece a chicken that was delivered to his house by a local restaurant, according to CBC.images-14

A call to 911 about undercooked chicken being delivered from a restaurant in North Battleford, Sask., has led RCMP to remind people when it is — and isn’t — appropriate to call police.

An elderly man in North Battleford called 911 to report the chicken he ordered from a local restaurant Tuesday around 9 p.m. CST wasn’t fully cooked.

Police say he was frustrated the delivery driver wouldn’t come back to look at the chicken. Uncooked chicken is generally regarded as a potential health hazard.

“There (are) no laws broken with the cooking of chicken, and our advice to you would be not to shop at that location,” said Sergeant Amber Clark.

And really, the weather in Saskatchewan is probably worth a call to 911, or the CBC.



Tennessee woman arrested for calling 911 to complain about ‘nasty’ hamburger from Hardee’s

The latest entry to our food-related 911 Hall of Shame is Donna Marie Nichols of Rockwood, Tennessee (right, exactly as shown) who called 911 twice to complain about a substandard fast food hamburger.
In one call, obtained by the website The Smoking Gun, Ms Nichols, 50, tells the 911 dispatcher that the burger is "no good" and "nasty."

When deputies arrived at her home, she said that she had called the restaurant before she called 911 and the manager had offered her a refund for her food, according to WCRB.

She was arrested on abuse of 911 charges and booked into the Roane County Jail. She was released Monday night.

Previously, customers have been popped for calling 911 to register dismay about Burger King lemonade, McDonald’s McNuggets, and pizza.

Texas woman calls 911 when husband refuses to eat dinner

Continuing the decline into idiocracy, a Texas woman faces charges after calling 911 30 times over six months, most recently to complain that her husband wouldn’t eat his dinner.

Last Friday, the woman allegedly made a pair of calls to 911, including a hang-up and another where a woman was heard screaming.

Police were dispatched to the residence and officer Paul Gonzales said police were told by her that "her husband did not want to eat his supper." A police report said the 53-year-old woman was also yelling "about things that happened two weeks ago."

Oregon. man upset by McDonald’s order repeatedly calls 911

Oregon appears to be an emerging state for 911 wackos – rivaling Florida and Texas – after a 23-year-old called 911 Friday to complain about his order at a McDonald’s in Clackamas, Ore.

Last month, a fellow Oregonian was arrested after calling 911 to complain about a juice box missing from his McDonald’s order. From insufficient shrimp in Texas, a McNuggets emergency and missing lemonade at a Burger King, 2009 is turning into a watershed year as American fast-food diners to a 911-mediated slide into idiocracy.

In the latest incident,  KOMO News reports that  a man said he had paid $10 in the drive-thru but only received a single burger and a fry before he was told to pull around.

"Sir, this is not a police matter," the dispatcher told him. "You need to take it up with the manager of the McDonald’s."

The man thought it would be wise to call 911 again.

"This is a 911 emergency. I got robbed for eight dollars."

"Sir, 911 is life-and-death only. If you do continue calling 911 you will be arrested for misuse."

"Well, arrest me at (expletive) 82nd and Sunnyside Road. Please send a cop right now. I swear to God all my life…"

The man was arrested and spent the night in jail.

On Saturday, the man told KATU he stood by his actions.

"I was very upset that they tried to charge me for food I had already paid for. … For me to end up going to jail over a $10 order, that’s just ridiculous.”

Fast food vigilante

In an attempt to upstage upset fast food patrons who call 911 when they don’t get their McNuggets, lemonade, cheeseburger or proper garnish, a man in Peoria IL took the law into his own hands.

PJ Star.com reports that a McDonalds staff member was assaulted with an eggless McGriddle, after a customer, who purchased the breakfast sandwich, was angered by its lack of egg. 

Police were called to a West Bluff McDonald’s restaurant early Saturday after an employee was allegedly assaulted with a breakfast sandwich.

About 5:20 a.m., a man at the drive-through window at 627 N. Western Ave. was upset his McGriddle sandwich didn’t have an egg in it, the victim told police. She told the man she would correct the sandwich, but he became irate when the driver of the vehicle behind him honked at him to move.

The man then threw the hot, greasy sandwich at the 38-year-old employee’s face, according to police reports. The man drove off before police arrived.

The woman refused medical attention.

I’m not a huge McGriddle fan, but I do really like those sausage and egg McMuffins.

McNuggets are not a 911 emergency

In yet another example of America’s slide toward Idiocracy, a Florida woman called 911 after paying for 10 Chicken McNuggets and told that no deep-fried chicken bits were available and would she like something else because all sales are final.

She called 911 three times.

"This is an emergency, If I would have known they didn’t have McNuggets, I wouldn’t have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don’t want one. This is an emergency."

Once police arrived, the woman told police,

"I called 911 because I couldn’t get a refund, and I wanted my McNuggets.”

The police report states the woman,

"maintained the attitude ‘this is an emergency, my McNuggets are an emergency.’"

And why do these food-related 911 calls keep recurring in Florida?

Man dialed 911 when lemonade ran out

Have Americans become so self-absorbed they have to call 911 when food is not to their liking?

First it was a dude in Jacksonville, FL, who called 911 because he didn’t like the way his Subway sandwich was prepared. He could have just called Jared.

Last year, someone called 911 because she couldn’t get a cheeseburger.

On Friday, a man in Boynton Beach, FL, was arrested and charged with abuse of 911 communication after calling to complain that a local Burger King in did not have any lemonade.

If I was going to call 911 on Burger King it’d be related to that mascot that looks like a creepy Thunderbirds-clone