Hepatitis vaccinations urged for patrons of Pennsylvania restaurant

An employee of the Pasta Alla Rosa Restaurant in Allentown has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A, the city Health Bureau said Friday, as it urged anyone who has eaten at the restaurant in the past two weeks to get vaccinations if they don’t already have them.

The Pasta Alla Rosa worker had limited food handling duties, but the Health Bureau said it wants to be careful with patrons who ate at the 602 Hamilton St. restaurant between Sept. 23 and Friday, the worker’s infectious period.

Pasta Alla Rosa customers should get a vaccination if they’re 1 to 40 years old, or immune globulin if they’re older, the Health Bureau said. No action is needed by those already vaccinated against Hepatitis A.

The Health Bureau will make the Heptatis A vaccination available 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday with a walk-in clinic at 245 N. Sixth St., Allentown. The immune globulin will be offered to those over 40 as soon as the bureau obtains a supply through the state Department of Health.

If you bag a deer, don’t slaughter it in a restaurant kitchen

The manager of Stromboli Pizza in Allentown says a customer saw one of the restaurant cooks carving up a deer Tuesday. John Okumus says the venison wasn’t intended for the store. He says he shot a doe during a hunt and left the carcass in the store’s kitchen for pickup by a friend.

Okumus says a customer complained to the city health department after seeing a cook mistakenly butcher the deer.

The department investigated the incident but did not issue a citation.

There are reasons animals are slaughtered in  slaughterhouses.  See the infosheet below.