Gordon Ramsey says he got food poisoning from a virus; penicillin fixed him

Food buffoon Gordon Ramsey has once again demonstrated why celebrity chefs may be entertaining but really know nothing about biology – especially food and food safety.

The Daily Telegraph reports that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the face of Melbourne’s Good Food and Wine Show this weekend, was forced to spend his first night in Melbourne after the 16-hour flight barfing in his hotel room because of food poisoning.

"I have had a severe food virus and I was constantly vomiting. But I had a jab in the butt and had some penicillin and I felt a lot better at three this morning."

Penicillin is an antibiotic, and completely useless against a food virus or whatever Ramsey thinks made him barf.

Thanks to the food safety dude in Dubai who forwarded the story, one of the tens of thousands of inspectors around the world who actually do know what they’re talking about.