Salmonella in chicken or norovirus? 80 sickened, Costa Rica hotel closed

An ongoing inspection in the Hotel Barceló Playa Tambor has revealed traces of salmonella in the hotel’s chicken.

The Tico Times in San Jose, Costa Rica, reports the hotel was closed on Dec. 26 after 80 hotel guests reported gastrointestinal problems. According to Health Minister María Luisa Avila, salmonella was not detected in any of the patients, but they were determined to have the norovirus. The hotel will remain closed through the weekend and investigations will resume Monday.

I went to Costa Rica for Christmas and all I got was diarrhea

Not me. We’re enjoying the balmy Kansas weather and an empty college town as the rest of the country fights snow and rain.

But as reported by HotelChatter, Costa Rica’s Barcelo Tambor Beach hotel had to close after a nasty diarrhea outbreak last week.

The health ministry shut it down after 150 people reportedly sought treatment late last week at a local clinic after suffering from such symptoms as nausea, cramps and vomiting, though the hotel only reported 37 cases of the runs.

The hotel, which has a picturesque beach location on the on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Ballena Bay, isn’t allowed to accept new guests and is supposed to evacuate current hotel guests within 24 hours. However, the health ministry said it could take up to a week to do that properly.

Initially, officials thought it was food poisoning. But now the hotel is looking to see if the pool was the culprit.