E. coli O26: goat’s cheese withdrawn in Belgium

The goat’s cheese product Crottins de Chavignol has been withdrawn from sale in Luxembourg following the discovery of Escherichia coli O26 H11 pathogens in different batches of the product.

Crottin_de_ChavignolThe Organisation for Security and Quality of the Food Chain (OSQCA) was informed by the RASFF European rapid alert system of a product recall regarding the dairy H. TRIBALLAT, situated in France, with the identification number FR 18.194.050 CE, due to the presence of a pathogenic strain – Escherichia coli O26 H11 – in different batches of Chavignol cheeses also distributed to Luxembourg.

All the products distributed to various European countries have the same FR 18.194.050 CE identification number.

The cheeses are sold at various major retailers in Luxembourg which have already been informed of this consumer recall. Stores concerned immediately withdred the cheeses concerned from the market.