Delta passenger who found dog feces on his seat claims he was given two paper towels and told to clean it up himself

Delta, the airline, sucks.

That’s my experience.

Others too.

Last Thursday, a passenger onboard a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Miami stepped in poop while boarding the aircraft.

Stacey Leasca of Travel and Leisure reports that according to the passenger, when he brought the feces to the crew’s attention he was reportedly handed two paper towels and told to clean it up himself.

Delta Airlines confirmed to Business Insider that passengers did indeed begin boarding the aircraft before cleaning crews were done servicing the plane. The airline also noted that during the previous flight “an ill service animal” had an incident.

“It was feces, and it was everywhere. It was on my seat. It was on the floor. My feet were in it,” passenger Matthew Meehan told WSB-TV 2 Atlanta. He explained that he stepped in fecal matter and his fellow passengers refused to sit in their seats until it was cleaned up.

But, when he asked flight attendants for supplies he was handed “two paper towels and one of those little bottles of Bombay Sapphire.” And the Delta manager wasn’t much of a help either.

“She said to me, ‘Well, that’s not my problem.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry?’ She says, ‘Well, if the cleaning crew didn’t clean your seat, I don’t have any control over that,'” Meehan explained.

In the statement, Delta additionally apologized and offered a refund and compensation to customers affected by the flight.

And now for the meaningless boilerplate quote attributed to some bureaucrat or PR flunky:“The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are conducting a full investigation while following up with the right teams to prevent this from happening again,” Delta Said. Upon landing, the plane was also taken out of service and has since been disinfected.

Don’t eat (dog) poop in restaurant: UK pub fined £14K

The owner of an East Yorkshire pub has appeared in court after a diner found dog excrement on the restaurant floor.

Out-of-date food was also sold to customers and prepared in a mouldy kitchen at The Steer Inn in Wilberfoss.

The Steer Inn in WilberfossDarren Crossfield appeared before Beverley Magistrates’ Court, where he and the company, The Steer Inn (Pocklington) Ltd, of which he is the sole director, pleaded guilty to 17 food safety and hygiene offences.

The court heard how food safety officers from East Riding Council visited The Steer Inn in January last year, following a complaint from a diner who had found dog dirt on the floor.

A number of inspections were carried out by officers, who found in the kitchen food that was mouldy and unfit for human consumption.

Food that had exceeded its sell-by date was also being served, while raw meat was being prepared in direct contact with ready-to-eat salad items, posing a serious risk of cross- contamination.

Mr Crossfield, 52, of Elvington, told the court he had taken over the premises with no knowledge of running a kitchen or a restaurant.

He said he had worked in pubs and bars before with no problems but admitted that he had been naive.

Mr Crossfield said he had been led to believe his chef had the necessary food hygiene qualifications.

Don’t eat dog poop, and don’t run around with sharp objects in your ear

Oh, the Brits.

don' science-based food safety agency won’t say, use a thermometer, but a local council tells kids not to eat dog poop.

Upon seeing this image, you tell yourself that this park can’t possibly be warning kids not to eat dog feces. As if it could ever possibly be a real issue. But then upon reading the sign, you find out you are wrong: the park is warning kids not to eat turds left by dogs because dog turds cause blindness.

Wash. enviro agency spent $27,000 in tax dollars on anti-dog poop music video

Health folks should stick to public health, and forget the adventures into taypayer-funded feel-goodisms.

According to SayAnythingBlog, critics are outraged after learning that a government agency tasked with cleaning up Washington’s Puget Sound spent $27,000 on a an anti-dog poop rap video.

The track, released by the Puget Sound Partnership, is set to the flow of Blackstreet’s ’90s’ hit “No Diggity” and has a few slick lines.

“I like the way you walk it, dog doogity, we’ve got to bag it up,” the rapper sings.

But, the track also contains a few, ahem, bombs.

“Yo, dog dropped a deuce.”

Or: “You don’t want to swim in poo.”


The Freedom Foundation, a government watchdog based in Olympia, criticized the Puget Sound Partnership, saying that the hip hop video is just the latest piece of evidence that the group spends tax dollars recklessly.

Clean up after canines in Canada

Lynda, clean up after your dog.

Lynda is my sister, and she lives with her family in Sudbury (that’s in Canada) which is like Kansas in that it’s snowing on April 23/13.

Police in Sudbury, Ontario, said they are on the lookout for rogue dog owners who let their pets poop on other people`s lawns — and don`t
dog-poop-scooppick it up.

Officers with the Rainbow District Animal Control office get about 100 complaint calls about dog poop every year.

To deal with it, they send officers in unmarked patrol cars to look for owners who let their dogs poop and run, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., said Friday.”

The Rainbow District? Is this a gay dog rights issue?

Doo doo in the Soo

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is a very unique place. Lovingly called the Soo, home of the Bon Soo winter carnival and Greyhounds Ontario Hockey League team, many, including myself, call it home.

Today, while creeping on a fellow Saultite’s Facebook photos, I came across this picture (right). My workmate asked if cartwheeling was Canadian slang for something – I’m pretty sure it refers to the gymnastics move.

If you cartwheel in doo doo, wash your hands.

Pick up your dog poop – or PooPrints will find you

Dane Cook, watch out.

The unfunny man who has been fighting with his landlord about cleaning up dog poop could be fingered by the same DNA fingerprinting that troubled O.J. and Bill Clinton.

You let your pooch poop wherever, and pissed-off people will come after you.

BioPet Vet Lab, a Knoxville, Tenn., DNA laboratory, announced today the introduction of PooPrints™, a program designed to encourage dog owners to pick up their dog’s “droppings."

The program is targeted initially to neighborhoods, but could be applied to any municipality that wants to clean up its public areas. The PooPrints™ program recommends that a home owner association (HOA) pass an amendment to its existing covenant that requires all dog owners in the community to have their dogs’ DNA analyzed and filed with Bio-Pet’s "DNA World Pet Registry."

Once the DNA is on file, any dropping found in the public areas of the neighborhood can be sent to BioPet to be analyzed and matched up with the DNA already on file. Once the dog is identified, an email report is sent to the HOA, which then can identify the offending owner. The matching process takes three to four days after receipt to process. With positive proof through the DNA matchup, the association may elect to impose fines on the offenders, which will defray the cost of the program to the HOA.

Three to four days? That’s faster than Canadians can match an E. coli or listeria DNA fingerprint.