Delta passenger who found dog feces on his seat claims he was given two paper towels and told to clean it up himself

Delta, the airline, sucks.

That’s my experience.

Others too.

Last Thursday, a passenger onboard a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Miami stepped in poop while boarding the aircraft.

Stacey Leasca of Travel and Leisure reports that according to the passenger, when he brought the feces to the crew’s attention he was reportedly handed two paper towels and told to clean it up himself.

Delta Airlines confirmed to Business Insider that passengers did indeed begin boarding the aircraft before cleaning crews were done servicing the plane. The airline also noted that during the previous flight “an ill service animal” had an incident.

“It was feces, and it was everywhere. It was on my seat. It was on the floor. My feet were in it,” passenger Matthew Meehan told WSB-TV 2 Atlanta. He explained that he stepped in fecal matter and his fellow passengers refused to sit in their seats until it was cleaned up.

But, when he asked flight attendants for supplies he was handed “two paper towels and one of those little bottles of Bombay Sapphire.” And the Delta manager wasn’t much of a help either.

“She said to me, ‘Well, that’s not my problem.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry?’ She says, ‘Well, if the cleaning crew didn’t clean your seat, I don’t have any control over that,'” Meehan explained.

In the statement, Delta additionally apologized and offered a refund and compensation to customers affected by the flight.

And now for the meaningless boilerplate quote attributed to some bureaucrat or PR flunky:“The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are conducting a full investigation while following up with the right teams to prevent this from happening again,” Delta Said. Upon landing, the plane was also taken out of service and has since been disinfected.

We take food safety seriously and other predictable messages: Noro in PEI edition

The Prince Edward Island (that’s in Canada) still doesn’t think hotel management is at fault for over 160 norovirus illnesses even though they reportedly had a bunch of food handlers sick while preparing food.

I disagree. People showing up to work ill and handling food is a managerial fail.

According to the Guardian, the hotel is really sorry too.unnamed

Staff ill with the Norwalk virus while serving or preparing food were the most likely cause of the recent gastro-intestinal illness striking many guests of a Charlottetown hotel, says the province’s chief public health officer.

However, Dr. Heather Morrison doesn’t think the Delta Prince Edward’s food safety or its handling and cleaning practices are to blame, and doesn’t know of anything the hotel could have done to avoid the outbreak.

The outbreak was associated with three functions at the hotel on Dec. 5.

Illness was reported in 134 guests and 35 hotel staff.

James Tingley, the general manager of Delta Hotels and Resorts, declined to do an interview with The Guardian, but issued a statement noting the hotel immediately contacted the health department following reports of people feeling sick after attending an event at the hotel.

The statement notes hotel hygiene and cleanliness are taken very seriously.

Following the health department’s guidance, the hotel implemented a “comprehensive process to sanitize the hotel’’.

The hotel also posted signs in the lobby and at the entrance to the restaurant to inform guests about the outbreak.

The statement also extends “heartfelt apologies’’ to those that may have gotten sick after visiting the Delta Prince Edward.

Possible food poisoning strikes passengers on trans-Atlantic flight

Fifteen people took ill in a possible case of food poisoning during a trans-Atlantic flight Wednesday, officials told ABC News.

Inspectors with the local health department and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention met Delta Flight 72 as it arrived at Kennedy BarfingBarbie.vomitjpgInternational Airport in New York around 5 p.m., airport officials said. The flight originated in Istanbul, Turkey.

“They had stomach cramps and were vomiting,” said one source.

The stricken passengers were interviewed and declined offers to be transported to a hospital for further treatment.

Business class means needles free: needles found in sandwiches on Delta

What appeared to be sewing needles were found in sandwiches served in business-class cabins on four Delta Air Lines flights to the U.S. from Amsterdam on Sunday, the airline confirmed.

The Wall Street Journal reports a passenger on one of the flights was injured but declined medical treatment from paramedics after the plane landed in Minneapolis, Delta said.

The airline said it requires all of its caterers "to adhere to strict criteria in order to offer our customers the very best onboard meals. The safety and security of our passengers and crew is Delta’s No. 1 priority."

Rat poop everywhere on Delta jet

Rat poop may be the immediate health risk, but gnawing on wires is even more dangerous.

We found this out the expensive way a couple of times in Kansas, when rats, seeking warmth, entered the car’s engine and decided to go for a chomp.

It’s happened twice.

Bloomberg reports that rodent droppings “too numerous to count” were found by U.S. health inspectors near a Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL) jet’s galley where food and drink are stored.

The excrement and mammalian urine turned up in inspections at a Delta hangar in Atlanta, the Food and Drug Administration said in an April 13 letter to the airline.

Delta’s response to the agency didn’t include steps to prevent a recurrence, which is “likely” unless such measures are taken, the FDA said.

The FDA said the inspections took place from Jan. 26 through Feb. 2. Rodent excrement was discovered above the right and left forward galleys and mammalian urine was detected in six areas on ceiling panels over a galley, according to the FDA.

Chad Artimovich, president of Atlanta Wildlife Solutions LLC, a pest-control company, said,

“Once it gets in there and gets established, there’s no reason to leave. The real concern is if a rat started chewing on wires. Almost every house I go into where there are rats, they’ve chewed on wood and wiring and ornaments. Their teeth are harder than iron and they have to keep them gnawed down.”

Tri delt sorority barf

Being Canadian, I never got the whole sorority-fraternity thing except what I saw in Animal House, which I presumed was an accurate representation of American college life.

Amy’s always going on about the University of Michigan because she got her PhD from there but prefers the sunshine of Kansas to the climatic drudgery of Michigan.

Things were shaking at the U-M Delta Delta Delta house Saturday night as firefighters were called to help 37 women suffering from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Maybe it was a sorority prank.

Washtenaw County Environmental Health supervisor Kristen Schweighoefer told the Detroit Free Press the sorority shared meals, so the students could have been exposed that way, adding,

“We don’t know which meal or what food item at this point.”

It’s too early to say for sure that norovirus was the cause without laboratory testing, she said.

Closed means closed: Alberta hotel, employees fined for ignoring closure order

The Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel is a nice enough place. I stayed there a while ago, in February, and I’ve never been so cold in my life. Look at a map. Saskatoon was almost as cold but Edmonton is farther north.

Not so sure about the food safety culture, after the owner, the head chef, and the food and beverage director were hit with fines Friday totaling $15,000 for operating its kitchen despite a closure order.

The Edmonton Sun reports that provincial court Judge Paul Sully said,

“I recognize that food preparation is a very serious matter on the one hand and, on the other hand, I recognize this was a result of a fire and will not likely happen again.”

Court heard health inspectors closed the main kitchen at the downtown hotel in October after a fire in a transformer room led to the kitchen having no running water, however staff continued to prepare meals using a board room.

A health inspector discovered kitchen staff were cooking meat dishes in the fifth-floor boardroom using roasters and had crock pots containing prepared rice dishes.

Court heard the conditions were not sanitary, there were issues with food temperatures, there was no liquid soap or paper towels for hand washing and there was no equipment for cleaning or sanitizing utensils and other items.

Alberta Health Services prosecutor Rob O’Neill said,

“Closed means closed. When the health department shuts you down, you don’t go behind their back and operate somewhere else.”