Wedding ‘nightmare’ as 20 guests get Norovirus in UK

A bride and groom’s wedding celebrations turned into “a nightmare” after around 20 guests were later struck down by the winter vomiting bug.

ask_me_about_my_explosive_diarrhea_tshirt-p2354413693811905333sgf_400The Dundee couple were also affected by the outbreak of norovirus, with people advising the couple of their situation after the occasion.

Heather Albin and Steven Campbell, who were married at the Westpark Conference Centre, in Perth Road, described the aftermath of the event as a “nightmare”.

Bride Heather said: “We had an amazing day but a couple of days later we were hearing that many of our guests had been hit by acute sickness and diarrhea.”

She said that she and her new groom had also been unwell, adding: “I got it first, followed by Steve.

“At the beginning of January, around 20 of our guests had been in touch to say they and their families were feeling terrible — it’s been a nightmare.

“So many of the people who attended the wedding were affected that we wondered if it could have been something we ate at the wedding.

“However, I have now been told it is more likely to be something viral.”

8 sick; Salmonella strikes UK nursery

Several children who attend the same Dundee nursery have been hit by salmonella.

The Evening Telegraph reports eight children at Technotots Nursery in Brunel Road, Wester Gourdie Industrial Estate, were struck down with the bacteria last month.

As yet the investigation has not revealed what caused the salmonella but the owner of Technotots denies it originated in the nursery.

Angela McGoldrick, owner of Technotots Nursery, said: “It was a secondary infection and there was no point or service associated with the nursery, which means the salmonella has not originated from us but has come from elsewhere.

“The first case was on September 13. When it increased to two we took certain precautions and environmental health came into the scene.”