Of course it was Wales: KFC suspends Cardiff staffer after Facebook post claims she laced meal with pubic hair

I nag my five daughters about being careful what they post on Facebook, probably the same way my parents nagged me to stop being such an asshole.

A message on Facebook’s “Spotted Cardiff” page alleged a worker sabotaged a customer’s meal in revenge for rudeness, Walesonline reports.

kfcSpotted Cardiff is a page for Facebook users who “need to get something off (their) chest?”

The anonymous post appears to target a group of females who had threatened a female staff member at the Cardiff Excelsior Road drive-through in the UK because she “needed to smile more”.

The post said: “After over hearing the way you spoke to my girl on the head set be picking pubes out your teeth for a week.”

A spokeswoman for KFC told Walesonline: “We have investigated this incident and although there was an altercation in the drive-through between the customers and a member of our team, we do not believe the food was contaminated in any way.

“We have the highest standards of food hygiene and do not tolerate even the suggestion of this kind of behavior, and therefore the employee was suspended as soon as the matter came to our attention.”

Pubic hair in meal means I’m not paying; except it’s mine; caught on video

Forty-year-old UK man Lee Tyers was recently sentenced to 14 days in jail for trying to get out of paying the check at Jamal’s Indian Restaurant by putting his own pubic hair in his food. 

According to The Mirror and summarized by Eater, Tyers and a friend worked their way through a £39.55 meal of two lamb bhunas, pilau rice, naan, drinks, a chapati and a shish kebab before complaining to a waiter about finding hair lee-tyers-4052147in his lamb bhuna. Unfortunately for Tyers, it’s 2013 and video recording technology is a very real thing. 

The Guardian reports that the restaurant’s cameras caught him “adding the extra ingredient to his meal” before getting up to talk to staff. Since Tyers already owed owner Jamal Chowdhuryfor £110 in previously unpaid meals, the law got involved.

Once at Teesside Magistrates’ Court, Tyers fully denied the incident. According to Chowdury, “[Tyers] showed me his plate and I said: ‘I gave you a clean plate.’ He had eaten everything, but then on the side of the plate there was some brown hair. It was separate and not mixed into the food.” In the end, his point was simple: “I told him all the staff have black hair and this is brown, it’s not our hair.” The court decided in Chowdhury’s favor, finding Tyers guilty of fraud by false representation. He was sentenced to 14 days in prison and ordered to pay for the full amount of the meal. 

Cop finds pubic hair on Wendy’s sandwich

Charges are pending against two employees of the Wendy’s drive-through in Moundsville, West Virginia after a sheriff’s deputy said he found pubic hair on his sandwich.

According to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, the deputy went through the Sunday night before heading to work.

He finished his chili and opened his sandwich. It was then he said he spotted the ball of pubic hair.

Later, two Wendy’s employees confessed to the crime and said they purposely targeted an officer.

Deputies are waiting for Bender’s blood test results. If he has any diseases, the misdemeanor charge will be escalated to a felony.