Raya the Muppet talks about poop and is proud of it

NPR asked, “Why did the superhero go to the toilet?

“Because it was her duty!” Raya exclaims as she throws her head back laughing.

Six-year-old Raya is not shy at all — especially when it comes to talking about poop.

The 6-year-old Muppet has her mind on the toilet.

That’s because Raya is the sanitation Muppet. She’s one of the newest additions to the Sesame Street family, introduced back in March as part of the Sesame Workshop’s “Cleaner, Healthier, Happier” campaign. She’s got aqua green skin, big pearl eyes and an orange button nose. And her mission is to teach kids how to pee and poop in a sanitary manner.

So Raya’s job is to get people — both adults and kids — to talk openly about poop.

Muppet and RNC chairman Michael Steele sidelined with food poisoning

Republican National Committee Chairman and Muppet impersonator Michael Steele had to cancel an appearance today before a national meeting of black journalists because of a bad case of food poisoning.

A RNC spokesman said in an email to CNN,

"While traveling out West the Chairman came down with a bad case of food poisoning. He is disappointed to miss the opportunity to take part in this valuable dialogue and looks forward to engaging with NABJ in the very near future."

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