Sea World slammed for selling seafood

Do fish tire of eating seafood?

Do fish like seafood as long as it doesn’t taste too much like fish?

Do fish care if seafood is served at Sea World?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Australia thinks so, and wrote to Sea World manager Jeff Hughes asking for all fish dishes to be removed from the Main Beach marine park’s menu, claiming it is akin to "serving poodle burgers at a dog show."

PETA Asia Pacific campaign co-ordinator Claire Fryer said the educational marine park was hypocritical for selling flake, calamari and shrimp at the Dockside Tavern and cod burgers at the Top Terrace Food Court.

Ms Fryer said the way in which fish were caught for fish farms and confined to "cramped, filthy tanks before being violently killed," was inhumane.

Sea World refused to comment and has not replied to PETA.

Sarah Palin and turkeys

Amy the French professor is originally from Minnesota. She thought the 1996 movie, Fargo, was a linguistics masterpiece, what with its ‘Yah, you betchas’ and ‘you don’t says’ and demonstration of the ‘Minnesota nice’ conversational style.

Fargo seems like a distant memory, now that Sarah Palin has appropriated all the best lines.

Former VP candidate and current Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was in Wasilla today to do the traditional pardoning a local turkey ahead of Thanksgiving. Minutes later, a farm worker began slaughtering another turkey just a few feet behind her … plainly visible in the background of the video (below).

Governor Palin was told by the photographer what was going on behind her and allowed the interview to continue.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) could sign Governor Palin up as an undercover slaughterhouse worker. As the N.Y. Times reported Wednesday, PETA is asking for prosecution of workers at the Aviagen Turkeys plant in Lewisburg, W.Va., in a complaint filed with the local sheriff’s office under state laws regarding cruelty to animals. …

The Aviagen video can be seen at The scenes show stomach-turning brutality. Workers are seen smashing birds into loading cages like basketballs, stomping heads and breaking necks, apparently for fun, even pretending to rape one. …

Bernard E. Rollin, a professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University, said the workers’ actions were “totally unacceptable” and suggested that they be removed from working with animals and prosecuted.

PETA takes on Victorino

KITV in Honolulu, HI reports that PETA has asked Shane Victorino, the Philadelphia Phillies star Center Fielder, to stop eating Spam. According to the PETA Files blog, Fox announcer Joe Buck, revealed that Victorino’s favourite food is a popular Hawaiian dish, Spam musubi, during a recent telecast. Ever-trusty Wikipedia says that a Spam musubi is composed of a block of salted rice with a slice of Spam (cooked or uncooked) on top, and typically nori (dried seaweed) surrounding it to keep it in shape. Mmmm. I’ve never had Spam, but meat from a can doesn’t really appeal to me. reports:

After finding out Victorino’s favorite food is SPAM musubi, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Assistant Director Dan Shannon sent him a letter, calling for him to give up SPAM because its maker Hormel is under an animal cruelty investigation.

PETA released video to news organizations from one of its investigator that went undercover at the pig farms. The video showed workers beating the animals.

The PETA representatives said they realize SPAM is popular in Hawaii and that he probably did not realize the conditions the pigs faced.

According to PETA, Investigators documented that workers at the Hormel supplier kicked and injured pigs, beat pigs with metal rods, and shocked pigs with electric prods–sometimes in the face. Workers reportedly killed piglets by slamming their heads against the floor.

The PETA Files also says that:

Phillies’ Citizens Bank Ballpark has been ranked the "Most Vegetarian Friendly Ballpark" two years in a row for its impressive vegetarian offerings, such as Philly faux-steak sandwiches, "crab-free crab cakes," mock-chicken sandwiches, and veggie dogs.

I’ve never been to Citizens Bank Ballpark, but I did have an awesome cheesesteak at a Phillies game at the Vet a few years ago.

Maybe this video clip is a bit predictable…. oh well.


Roll over Colonel Sanders

Kentucky State Rep. Charles Siler is sponsoring legislation to make KFC’s ”finger lickin’ good” chicken Kentucky’s official picnic food.

Siler said the fried chicken, first served by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1940, deserves the title because of the worldwide attention and economic benefit it has brought to the state.

Bruce Friedrich, vice president at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, responded,

"If the state legislature moves forward with this one, then they should change Kentucky’s state bird from the cardinal to the debeaked, crippled, scalded, diseased, dead chicken."

Two years ago, PETA launched an initiative to have a bust of the bespectacled Colonel Sanders removed from the Kentucky Capitol. Sanders, with his white goatee and black string tie, became recognizable worldwide by marketing his fried chicken.