Because chefs have goggles that can see bacteria: English World Cup team refusing food from Russian room service over poisoning fears, source claims

Team England is reportedly on an even stricter diet than usual at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, as players have allegedly been banned from eating food from room service at their Russian hotel (me watching soccer, left, exactly as shown).

The Three Lions stars are “under strict orders to reject any food not approved by their expert chefs,” The Sun is reporting. According to the outlet, security is on “high alert” at the team’s ForRestMix hotel in Repino, Saint Petersburg, given fears surrounding the nerve attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia earlier this year.

“Nothing is being left to chance. The players are going to do exactly as told. Nothing will pass their lips apart from food and drink provided by chefs and nutritionists,” a source told The Sun. “If the players are hungry they must contact somebody within the management to get a snack. They can’t just reach into the mini bar or buy something from a shop.”

“These rules are always in place at tournaments because of diets, and there is always a fear of food poisoning which could destroy their performance. But for the World Cup in Russia it is very, very strict,” they added.

But while elite players are snacking on light fare including sushi, oatcakes with cream cheese, and herbal teas, this isn’t the first time that head coach Gareth Southgate has made headlines for cracking down on his player’s diets.

Earlier this year, Southgate coordinated with the Starbucks at the hotel where his team was staying to remove all treats and ban the sale of sugary drinks to his squad ahead of this summer’s World Cup, the Evening Standard reported.

Now that the games have officially begun, nutritionists and chefs have arrived to support the team in Russia, and all precautions are being taken.

“Health inspectors will take food samples and freeze them to look at if something happens,” Tim De’Ath, who has worked as Team England’s head chef for 10 years, told The Sun.

Standard operating procedure for these kind of events, or schools in Japan.

FIFA food poisoning

Perhaps to elevate the eternal boredom of soccer, at least 40 volunteers at the World Cup were sickened with food poisoning on Saturday.

colbert.soccerMeals are provided to Fifa by the company ‘Taste, based in Campinas, and undergo a process of SUPER before being sent by truck from St. Paul to the cities’ housing Coppadel the world, said Andre ‘Godoy. The case of food poisoning in Brasilia and ‘was so far the only reported the organization of the World Cup. “

Déjà vu – five Mexican players test positive for clenbuterol

A month ago five Mexican players were sent home before the start of Gold Cup for testing positive for trace levels of clenbuterol, a prohibited anabolic substance.

Friday, four more players tested positive for the same substance. Health officials insisted Mexican beef doesn’t contain clenbuterol and that the incidence of contaminated beef is one in a million. They are either lying, or the Mexican soccer team is the unluckiest group of people ever. Once again, we’ll have to wait for the official investigation to be over.

Reminds me of a CSNY song.

Scooooooooore: Food poisoning hit Fifa workers

Ninety Fifa World Cup volunteers were treated for food poisoning after eating breakfast at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga on Friday.

Local organising committee spokesman Rich Mkhondo said,

??"They got sick after eating food this morning. Some of them were vomiting while others suffered from diarrhoea,"

An investigation had been launched to determine if the food was contaminated and if so, how it got contaminated, Mkhondo said.