UK caterer closed after making 44 cops barf

Birmingham City Council said Monday the Meal Machine was closed under Food Hygiene regulations amid concerns over cleanliness and cross contamination of foods.

Earlier this month it was reported that at least 44 police officers suffered the effects of what appeared to be food poisoning, including severe diarrhoea and vomiting, as a result of packed lunches issued to the officers by … Meal Machine.

It is known a number of officers ate a chicken and stuffing sandwich supplied to them as part of a packed lunch prepared by an outside contractor.

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council’s environmental health department said the decision followed checks into processes and procedures, including “food handling, cross contamination, temperature control and general cleanliness”.

Food poisoning strikes Birmingham police

In 1984, the Pope visited the restored 350-year-old Jesuit mission of Ste. Marie-among-the-Hurons in Midland, Ontario. After departing, 1,600 hungry Ontario Provincial Police officers who had worked the ropes gathered for a boxed lunch. Of those 500 officers who chose ones with roast beef sandwiches, 423 came down with salmonella.

On Saturday, July 4, 2009, more than 40 police officers in Birmingham, U.K., were stricken with food poisoning after consuming a boxed lunch of  a sandwich, packet of crisps, chocolate bar and piece of fruit, as they prepared to police a demonstration which passed off peacefully.

Dozens of fireman, police and ambulance staff rushed to the scene as British Transport Police shut the station at about 5pm on the advice of health agencies.

The station re-opened 50 minutes later.

Cop finds pubic hair on Wendy’s sandwich

Charges are pending against two employees of the Wendy’s drive-through in Moundsville, West Virginia after a sheriff’s deputy said he found pubic hair on his sandwich.

According to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, the deputy went through the Sunday night before heading to work.

He finished his chili and opened his sandwich. It was then he said he spotted the ball of pubic hair.

Later, two Wendy’s employees confessed to the crime and said they purposely targeted an officer.

Deputies are waiting for Bender’s blood test results. If he has any diseases, the misdemeanor charge will be escalated to a felony.

HP sauce in UK bobby assault

UK police officers were rushed to hospital after a suspicious substance was thrown through a car window. The Metropolitan Police said officers responded to reports of an "unusual smell" coming from a car with a smashed window in Enfield, north London.

They saw an unknown brown substance inside and those who came into contact with it were taken to hospital.

The officers were released when the substance was identified as HP sauce.

Restaurant that served contaminated food to police chief closed

MyFox Austin reports that a Central Texas restaurant has closed its kitchen for good. The decision was made after two cooks there were arrested for serving tainted food to the Burnet Police Chief. Last month, Jaime Perez,23, was arrested on a felony charge of contaminating food.

Police say he and another cook, James Ledesma, rubbed two hamburger buns in inappropriate areas, then spit in the burger and served it to police chief Paul Nelson.

 A video report is available at:

Salt makes policeman vomit

McDonald’s staffer Kendra Bull was charged with a reckless conduct, a misdemeanor, for her role in food preparation after dousing police officer Wendell Adams burger with salt,

The burger made Adams so ill after a couple of bites that he vomited.

Officer George Louth, spokesman for the department said investigators don’t know if Bull was targeting the officer with the Big N’Tasty blue-light special, only that she admitted putting the salt on the burger, but that the cash register, er, registered a discounted meal.

"In the middle of the night the only people they discount for are their employees or a member of the Police Department," Louth said.