Tri delt sorority barf

Being Canadian, I never got the whole sorority-fraternity thing except what I saw in Animal House, which I presumed was an accurate representation of American college life.

Amy’s always going on about the University of Michigan because she got her PhD from there but prefers the sunshine of Kansas to the climatic drudgery of Michigan.

Things were shaking at the U-M Delta Delta Delta house Saturday night as firefighters were called to help 37 women suffering from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Maybe it was a sorority prank.

Washtenaw County Environmental Health supervisor Kristen Schweighoefer told the Detroit Free Press the sorority shared meals, so the students could have been exposed that way, adding,

“We don’t know which meal or what food item at this point.”

It’s too early to say for sure that norovirus was the cause without laboratory testing, she said.