Lizards and worms should not be on the school lunch menu in India, or elsewhere

Rice and lentils was the free lunch on Aug. 22 at the Government Model Senior Secondary school in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh.

sprouted-lentilsTeachers took a look at the meal.

They found worms.

Lunch was not served. Seven hundred students reportedly went home hungry after their school day.

India’s free school lunch program is the largest in the world. The program was started in the mid-1990s with two goals: to fight chronic hunger and child malnutrition and to increase school enrollment and attendance.

Would you like worms with that chicken? Closure notice issued to KFC outlet in India

The Hindu reports food safety officials issued a closure notice to a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) at Pulimood, India, following a complaint about live worms inside the chicken served to a family via a toll-free line.

“A family which had come to eat at the KFC outlet had called saying that there were live worms in the fried chicken they had been served. They said that they had torn a piece of chicken apart to feed their toddler when they spotted scores of wriggly worms inside the meat. We were sceptical at first about finding live worms inside chicken which had been fried. But it turned out to be true,” a senior food safety official said.

A squad of officials, led by District Designated Food Safety Officer D. Sivakumar, reached the outlet and collected the samples of the incriminating food.

Officials said the frozen chicken was brought in bulk from Coimbatore by the food chain, but obviously the cold-chain maintenance must have been poor, leading to the spoilage of the meat and worms starting to fester inside.

They said the method of frying adopted – quick frying in extremely hot oil – did not kill the worms as the heat had not penetrated inside.

French farmer kept ducks stoned to prevent worms; court says no

A 60-year-old duck farmer in France received a one-month suspended sentence and a 500 Euro fine after providing cannabis to his waterfowl.

During the hearing the farmer admitted that he also smoked "a little" marijuana and he justified giving it to his 150 ducks as a "purge." He said there is no better way to deworm the birds. He said was advised to do so, but would not name the specialist who gave the advice.

The farmer was caught after he reported a theft at his home in October. Police arrived to discover 12 marijuana plants and a 5 kilo bag of weed.

The police said this was the first time they have seen anything like this even though they are quite accustomed to hearing silly excuses when it comes to narcotics (or that’s how Amy translated that sentence; thanks to Albert for the story tip).

Worms in water is just an aesthetic issue

Scottish residents are not happy after being told by water chiefs that worms in the water supply are merely an "aesthetic issue."

Customers complained to Scottish Water after they found tiny bloodworms – midge larvae – coming out of their taps. The story says that about 30 householders in Oban are thought to have discovered the 6mm worms when pouring a glass of water.

Jason Rose, a Scottish Water spokesman, apologised for the problem, saying it was an "aesthetic issue" and there was no risk to health.

A resident, who asked not to be named, was quoted as saying,

"The worms may not be dangerous, but they certainly aren’t pleasant. Nobody is going to want to drink, cook or clean with water that is infested with midge larvae. To imply it’s only an ‘aesthetic issue’ is just bloody cheek."