UK pool star falls ill, blames chicken

Is snooker sport?

The stars are still mortals and suffer from foodborne illness.

Judd Trump withstood a bout of suspected food poisoning to edge ahead of Dominic Dale as last year’s runner-up returned to the Crucible.

The Daily Mail reports the 22-year-old English potter was unusually subdued in the early stages of his World Championship opener, and when he trailed 3-1 at the mid-session interval it seemed he was in trouble.

Trump finished the session in style with a rapid 68 break, doubling in the black in thrilling style.

There was a raucous reception for Bristol-raised Trump as he emerged for the match. Trump has won the UK Championship and soared to No 2 in the world rankings. He also drives a Ferrari, an indication of how his life has been transformed.

Trump began his third World Championship campaign as the sponsors’ favorite to land the title, but the news that he had woken this morning feeling unwell raised questions over how he would perform against 40-year-old Dale, who was making his seventh Crucible appearance.

Trump’s management believe he became sick after eating chicken, and he continued to feel ill after the session was over.

Trump wrote on Twitter: ‘Not a good day led in bed, tryna get better for tomorrow. 1st time iv had food poisoning and hopefully the last.’

DeMarcus Cousins: I don’t wanna name names, but that restaurant made me sick

Basketball player and armchair health inspector DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings managed to score 15 points, five assists, three steals and two blocks in Friday’s victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

Cowbell Kingdom reports Cousins became ill early Wednesday and missed Kings’ shootaround as a result. He was a last minute lineup scratch before the Kings won 99-98 over the New Orleans Hornets on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to call out the restaurant,” responded Cousins when asked what caused the ordeal. “I don’t want them to lose business. But I had some food that morning and my stomach was hurting and I was throwing up.”

Some food that morning ain’t real specific. Did Mr. Basketball star provide a stool sample to the local health unit so they could possibly match with other instances of foodborne illness? And if there’s evidence food at a restaurant caused illness, don’t you have a responsibility to go public to help prevent others from getting ill?

Basketball is almost as boring as baseball and cricket – combined.

Sarkozy’s son hospitalized with food poisoning in Ukraine

The son of French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been hospitalized with food poisoning in the Black Sea city of Odessa, French and Ukrainian officials said Wednesday.

Pierre Sarkozy, a rap producer in his twenties, has been taken to a hospital after feeling ill, French Embassy spokesman Emmanuel Berard told The Associated Press.

Anna Osipchuk, a spokeswoman for the city administration, said Sarkozy had food poisoning apparently contracted outside Ukraine, and was to be flown home to France Wednesday.

Sarkozy, also known as DJ Mosay, was in Odessa to perform at an elite club called Tchaikovsky on Tuesday, but the show was canceled after he fell ill, the club said.

Socrates, Brazilian soccer great, dies from food poisoning at 57

Fox Sports is reporting legendary Brazilian soccer captain Socrates died Sunday at the age of 57 after suffering an intestinal infection.

The star of the 1982 World Cup was rushed to Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital late Thursday after suffering food poisoning and was said to be in critical condition in its intensive care unit Saturday.

Despite briefly responding to a stronger antibiotic, Socrates died early Sunday, O Globo reported.

Socrates’ wife and a friend of the couple also got sick after eating the stroganoff, but the former midfield maestro’s body was said to be too weak to fight the illness after years of alcohol abuse.

Socrates, whose full name was Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira, spent his entire club-playing career in Brazil, bar a single season with Italian club Fiorentina in 1984-85.

He rose to international prominence as the tall bearded playmaker who lit up the 1982 World Cup in Spain, despite Brazil’s shock exit ahead of the semi-finals.
Socrates graduated as a medical student during his early playing days and practiced after his career ended in 1989.

Regarded as an intellectual thinker, he also wrote widely about sport and culture later in life.

France: A teenager dies from food poisoning

A 16-year-old died on Monday in hospital in Chartres, France, as a result of food poisoning which could be related to having a meal in a kebab restaurant in the city, closed the same day by the DGCCRF (Branch Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control). Her step-sister, who also shared the same meal, complained of stomach cramps.

"An autopsy Wednesday afternoon on the body of the girl found that the victim had suffered multiple organ shock and that the death was due to food poisoning," said the prosecutor of Chartres, Philippe Peyroux. The court ordered the DGCCRF to go to emergency in the kebab eatery type where the two women had eaten to conduct an inspection. "This revealed poor hygiene standards and many anomalies. The facility has been closed immediately for health reasons and as a precaution, especially since it is located near a school.”

Tests were being conducted but results were so far inconclusive.

The Contador Excuse

Teaching a recitation class for a General Psychology class is hard work.  It involves choosing appropriate material to cover, presenting that material accurately and grading papers. That’s the easy part.

The hard part is discerning students’ real excuses from made-up ones. I have heard stuff that you probably wouldn’t make up just to get out of class and a lot of stuff that sounds a little unlikely, if not straight out of a high school movie.

One of my fellow recitation teachers got the Contador excuse from a student; “It was the food.”
The student claimed food poisoning prevented her from making it to class – right before class time during tailgating Thursday. The excuse wasn’t entirely unlikely since food during tailgating might be cooked improperly, or cross-contamination might occur. However, alcohol poisoning is not entirely unlikely either.

To believe or not to believe, that is the question. While you can test athletes’ blood for illegal substances, you can’t ask students for stool samples. If it had been my student I would have asked for a doctor’s note, but the excuse worked for her (Contador, it seems, will not be so lucky).

Glamazon Aussie model says I’m skinny because I barfed

The Aussies have a way with words, as the Herald Sun proclaims this morning that Miss Universe 2004 and “glamazon Jennifer Hawkins has revealed a bout of food poisoning was the cause of her extra-skinny appearance at the Myer Summer Collection launch this month.”

Hawkins has told New Idea magazine she dropped weight quickly after falling ill while on holidays with her boyfriend, Jake Wall, adding,

"I had a severe case of food poisoning while I was in Europe recently and it took its toll on me. I knew I was smaller than usual, but there was nothing I could do. I ate lots of healthy food before the parade and my mum even came to Sydney to cook Jake and me a yummy meal. I do maintain a healthy lifestyle and love to exercise and eat well, but things like getting sick happen. I am only human."

70 sickened at Paris-area rec center

AFP is reporting that 70 people, including children between 3- and 12-years-oldwere victims of food poisoning Monday in a recreation center in Houilles.

Three children and one adult were transported to the hospital "for observation" and a dozen other victims had to be hospitalized.

Children who do not show symptoms have been returned to their families.

The origin of the food poisoning appeared to be meals delivered by a central kitchen, and tests are underway to identify the causative agent of intoxication.

Muppet and RNC chairman Michael Steele sidelined with food poisoning

Republican National Committee Chairman and Muppet impersonator Michael Steele had to cancel an appearance today before a national meeting of black journalists because of a bad case of food poisoning.

A RNC spokesman said in an email to CNN,

"While traveling out West the Chairman came down with a bad case of food poisoning. He is disappointed to miss the opportunity to take part in this valuable dialogue and looks forward to engaging with NABJ in the very near future."

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Surely you can’t be serious; I am serious — and don’t call me Shirley; Airplane turns 30; movie spotlighted risks of food poisoning

“The life of everyone on board depends upon just one thing: finding someone back there who can not only fly this plane, but who didn’t have fish for dinner.”

The nominal plot of the 1980 movie, Airplane! recounts the efforts of a stalwart flight crew trying to land a commercial airliner after spoiled fish incapacitates most of the crew and passengers.

I first saw the movie Airplane at the drive-inn on the edge of Brantford, Ontario (that’s in Canada) when it came out in 1980.

I thought it was stupid.

But that’s because I was more interested in the blond next to me.

When I saw Airplane again, I thought it was hilarious.

I’ve seen the movie so many times, I can better recite the lines from Airplane than nerds who do Monty Python sketches. And Leslie Neilson, good Canadian that he is, stole the show (he’s from Saskatchewan; that’s in Canada, his brother was deputy Prime Minister of Canada for awhile in the 1980s).

As reported in the N.Y. Times today, within months of its release in July 1980, Airplane! became the highest-grossing comedy in box office history, a distinction that held until “Ghostbusters” came along in 1984. And it remains one of the most influential. Its anything-goes slapstick and furious pop culture riffs can be seen in the 20-gags-a-minute relentlessness of “The Simpsons,” “South Park” and “Family Guy” and grab-bag big-screen parodies like “Epic Movie, “Date Movie” and the “Scary Movie” franchise.

Back in 1979, when “Airplane!” was being shot on Universal’s back lot in Los Angeles, it didn’t seem like a potential blockbuster. The three Wisconsin-born filmmakers were rather amazed that anybody would give them a budget — and $3.5 million at that — to make such a lark, one that had no big stars. A follow-up to their 1977 cult film “The Kentucky Fried Movie,” which they had written, this was an extended riff on “Zero Hour!,” a glum thriller from 1957 about an imperiled aircraft that set the template for the next half-century’s worth of disaster pictures.

Food poisoning can be awesome.