OMG Carrot Top was in the hospital for food poisoning

I glance through celebrity blogs to find examples of America’s best and brightest suffering from food poisoning like mere mortals.

Really. is reporting that Carrot Top – a bad comedian turned I-don’t-know-what, and who has his picture inexplicably splashed around Las Vegas — was briefly hospitalized yesterday for an unspecified issue.

Carrot Top said in a statement today:

"It was food poisoning and the resulting dehydration that made him drive himself to the hospital. Fluids were put into his system for a few hours, and then he was released."

Perez says, Bullshiz! If you have food poisoning, you can barely move your body to the toilet, let alone drive yourself to the hospital!

Scooooooooore: Food poisoning hit Fifa workers

Ninety Fifa World Cup volunteers were treated for food poisoning after eating breakfast at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga on Friday.

Local organising committee spokesman Rich Mkhondo said,

??"They got sick after eating food this morning. Some of them were vomiting while others suffered from diarrhoea,"

An investigation had been launched to determine if the food was contaminated and if so, how it got contaminated, Mkhondo said.

Crooner, twitterer, celebrity dater and sensitive pooper, John Mayer cancels tour reports that John Mayer’s team has announced the singer wouldn’t be finishing his European tour as he fell victim to diarrhea.

Sources are reporting that John allegedly fled from his tour due to a case of food poisoning. Supposedly, John spent the night on the john after he ate something nasty at the catering table in Copenhagen. This "intestinal illness" was allegedly painful enough for John to request to return home.

Do they not have Pepto-Bismol in Denmark? If we were his tour promoters, we’d be pissed at his shiz! That’s a lot of a money lost over the squirts.

BP CEO attributes oil spill cleanup workers’ illness to food poisoning, says he wants his life back

BP is making Exxon look good.

I know a lot of people who have to make everything about them, but this seems extreme.

In some of the worst risk communication ever, and which will surely be documented in some crisis book thingy or Powerpoint top-10 slides for decades, BP CEO Tony Hayward demonstrated an ability to make the Gulf of Mexico oil somehow about him.

“I want my life back,” video clip is below. So is the one of Hayward impersonating Napolean’s food safety guru.

Hayward also said on May 31, 2010 that workers were not getting sick because of the toxicity of the oil and BP’s dispersants, they have simply gotten food poisoning.

“I’m sure they were genuinely ill, but whether it had anything to do with dispersants and oil, whether it was food poisoning, or some other reason for them being ill. You know, there’s a– food poisoning is a really big issue when you’ve got a concentration of this many people in ten pre-cabs, ten pre-accommodations. It’s something we have to be very, very mindful of. It’s one of the big issues of keeping the army operating. Armies march on their stomachs.”

I’m on a bus; I got food poisoning on a bus: 39 people hospitalized in Le Mans

Ouest France reports that during the night between Friday and Saturday, the passengers on a school charter bus originating in Lot and traveling on the highway between Le Mans and Tours were stricken with malaise (they barfed a lot).

The bus stopped in Dissay-sous-Courcillon and several emergency vehicles were deployed around 2 a.m. Thirty-nine people, of which six were chaperons, were hospitalized in Le Mans. Twenty-two children were victims of food poisoning. At 10 a.m. Saturday, only one girl was still kept for observation.

Food poisoning in Paris – A Brit’s perspective

Halifax, U.K., marketing consultant and Twitter fanatic Rachel McAlley writes in her blog for the Evening Courier that,

I toddled off to Paris for a romantic weekend back in early March and what a culinary mistake that was.

On the very last evening of my trip I started with a fever, then sickness, and didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me until my boyfriend said it was food poisoning.

As it turns out I’ve never really experienced proper food poisoning before, this was a killer. I couldn’t walk, started to hallucinate, was violently sick (and the other end), and to top it all off I kept passing out!

After somehow making it to the airport, I don’t remember getting there, or boarding the plane or the actual flight. I do however remember continually passing out and wanting to curl up on a cold floor to sleep for a very long time.

The next five days are a blur, plenty of doctors, lots of drugs, the loss of 12lbs, no food, more sleep than ever before, and the diagnosis of Campylobacter enteritis. This was the killer!

It’s the middle of April and I feel like I’ve lost a whole month of my life from eating a piece of diseased chicken whilst on the Champs Elysee in glorious Paris. Maybe I’ll have a romantic weekend in Scarborough next time.

Jeter better after ‘bad fish’

Maybe New York Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter should stick with the High Liner fish sticks after missing a day of spring training last week due to “bad fish.”

The same day, Nova Scotia-based frozen seafood giant High Liner Foods Inc. said it wants to "bulletproof" its supply chain, stating in a corporate document,

"Becoming ‘bulletproof’ on food safety will allow us to continue to use China for primary processing and manage the risk to our businesses and brands. An important aspect of food safety is traceability in the supply chain — an area we remain keenly focused on continuing to improve. …

“Consumers are focused on food safety and have expressed concerns about food labelled ‘Product of China.’ We do a lot of primary processing in China because the costs are substantially lower than anywhere else. We have worked hard in establishing a procurement structure that allows us to be confident in our quality, no matter where the primary processing is done.

"In many cases, moving the primary processing to another developing country does not solve the problem, and moving it to North America or industrialized Europe would increase costs significantly at a time when consumers are searching for value."

The story goes on to say, and I’m not making this up, the tagline for the iconic Captain High Liner, a seafarer who introduces a young boy to frozen fish in the company’s ads, would likely be stuck in the collective conscious of a generation of Canadians now approaching middle age.

3 sailors die of food poisoning on oil tanker

Agence France-Presse reports that three sailors have died of food poisoning on an oil tanker traversing the Channel between Britain and Europe, French maritime authorities said Wednesday.

The captain of the Marshall Islands-flagged Arionas reported the deaths overnight, French officials said, adding that the source of the food poisoning was not known.

French officials have sent a helicopter with two gendarmes and a doctor for a preliminary investigation. More gendarmes would be sent later to question the crew.

Vomiting plane passenger causes LAX excitment

About six years ago I was flying from Toronto to Ottawa and after a particularly turbulent morning ride, I was looking a little green. Although the plane was preparing to land, the steward said, ‘you gotta go, you gotta go,’ so I experienced landing while kneeling at the airplane’s plastic throne.

No one figured I was contagious.

Not so in Los Angeles this morning.

United Airlines flight 890 arriving from Japan informed ground crews shortly before touching down at 8:30 a.m. that a 28-year-old man aboard the aircraft of more than 300 passengers was sick and might have some sort of virus.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Cecil Manresa said,

Los Angeles city paramedics and personnel from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention boarded the Boeing 747 after it landed. It took about 20 minutes to determine that the passenger was not contagious, Manresa said.

"He had some kind of stomach ailment or food poising issue, and it was not a virus [or] an infectious disease," he said.

Manresa said that city paramedics, and not the CDC, generally respond when airline passengers complain of illness. But the unidentified man must have told the airplane’s crew something to make them think that his condition was more severe, he said.

All I said was, leave me alone.