Chinese meat supplier of McDonald’s and KFC gets the ax

The Chinese outlets of McDonald’s and KFC have stopped using meat from a Shanghai company after a local television news program accused the supplier of using chicken and beef past their expiration date, triggering an investigation by local food safety officials.

UnknownThe program, aired on Shanghai-based Dragon TV on Sunday evening, showed hidden camera footage of workers at a meat-processing facility operated by Shanghai Husi Food using out-of-date chicken and beef to make burger patties and chicken products for McDonald’s and KFC, in some cases scooping up meat that had fallen onto the assembly line floor and throwing it back into a processing machine.

In response, the Chinese units of McDonald’s and KFC both said in news releases posted from their official Sina Weibo social messaging accounts that they had halted use of all products from Shanghai Husi, which is owned by the OSI Group, based in Aurora, Ill.

‘Why do we have to wash our hands? We wear gloves’ bad inspection forces Wisconsin McDonald’s to close, give refunds

A McDonald’s at 3131 Mayfair Road in Wauwatosa was, according to the Journal Sentinel, closed briefly two weeks ago because of issues with handwashing, and the restaurant was forced to give customers refunds at the counter, public records from the city showed.

The restaurant closed March 12 for several hours while a hand sink was being repaired. There were none working in the kitchen for washing hands or in the rest of the restaurant,handwash_south_park(2)except in the bathrooms. Restaurants in Wisconsin are required to have sinks designated solely for washing hands.

The inspection yielded several other violations, including dirty utensils, accumulations of food debris and grease, wiping rags in sanitizer buckets that didn’t have any sanitizer in them and a lack of basic knowledge about food safety.

According to the inspection report, one employee said, “Why do we have to wash our hands? We wear gloves.”

The inspector also instructed staff to throw out undated foods from the refrigerators.

Owner Deborah Allen said in a statement, “Nothing is more important to me than operating a safe and clean restaurant. We follow rigorous standards for food safety and quality, and we take great pride in the food and beverages we serve to our customers every day. We take these matters very seriously, and took immediate action to make the appropriate corrections.”

The inspection report is available at the Journal Sentinel’s restaurant inspection page,, which houses restaurant inspection data from the four-county Milwaukee area and is updated monthly. Wauwatosa is not included with other cities and towns in the four-county database because the city has said it is not able to release its database. Instead, the city provides inspection reports weekly.


Woman fined for letting horse poop inside UK McDonald’s

A woman and her horse go to a McDonalds drive-thru.

Staff won’t fill her order.

horse-poo-picSo the woman and her horse go into the McDonalds.

The horse says, “order for me, I’ve got to take a dump.”

The horse didn’t make it to the bathroom.

Maybe time for Depends.

Shit happens.

But maybe this isn’t so unusual, since it is Manchester. Watch the horse in a pub celebrating the royal baby birth the other night via The Daily Show (which you can see if you live in North America).

Brisbane Maccas fined for flies, food safety infractions

When we first came to Brisbane about three years ago for Hubbell’s interview, we stayed downtown for a few days (CBD). I was frequently found at the nearby McDonald’s because it was the only place in Australia mcdonald's.iphone.tracker.jan.13to provide free Internet.

I didn’t eat much.

The McDonald’s restaurant at the entrance to the Myer Centre near the corner of Albert and Elizabeth streets, is just one of 21 traders, establishments and individuals fined almost a combined $370,000 this year, after successful prosecutions as part of Brisbane City Council’s Eat Safe program.

As well as finding cockroaches in parts of the premises, inspectors recorded a build-up of grime and grease on the floor near a washing-up area, while food waste was found on a slicer.

Court documents show McDonald’s Australia Limited was charged with the Food Act breaches after an inspection last year.

In a prepared statement, a McDonald’s spokeswoman said the chain was “disappointed with these occurrences” and that food safety was a “top priority”.

The restaurant was owned and operated by McDonald’s but has since been taken over by a new franchisee.

12 sick with Salmonella in Illinois outbreak; McDonald’s cleared to reopen

That Bloomington, Illinois, McDonald’s restaurant that closed because of possible links to a Salmonella outbreak has reopened after tests cleared employees to return to work.

The McLean County Health Department (MCHD) and the Illinois Department of Public Health are still investigating the source of the salmonella cluster, which originated from individuals who reported eating at a variety of different restaurants in Central Illinois from Oct. 18 to Nov. 11. Not all cases in the investigation have a relationship to the McDonald’s restaurant on South Main Street in Bloomington, and the investigation at this time is focused on preventing further spread of illness.

The suspected transmission of salmonella related to this cluster does not seem to be a certain food, but rather human transmission. As a result, MCHD collected samples from all employees of the establishment to test for infection out of an abundance of caution. All samples collected from surface-testing in the establishment were free of salmonella bacteria.

At this time, 12 reported Salmonella Stanley cases have been confirmed through laboratory testing in McLean County.


’Just a mild Salmonella’ McDonald’s in Illinois closes

A Bloomington McDonald’s restaurant is closed while the McLean County Health Department and Illinois Department of Public Health investigate a suspected case of salmonella at the restaurant.

Health department communications director Kera Simon said owners Bob and Julie Dobski voluntarily closed the restaurant at 2410 S. Main St. Wednesday night for the Thanksgiving holiday and chose not to reopen.

The confirmed cases range from Oct. 18 to Nov. 11, said Simon, and were most likely a result of human transmission and not a specific food.

“All of the employees are being tested and the restaurant will not reopen until they have enough staff who have been confirmed they are safe to serve,” said Simon, adding, “We are still early in the investigation. It was a low number of cases, less than 10, and it was a mild strain of salmonella.”

I was so hammered, I could only think about Fillet-o-Fish; I woke up in jail

Sometimes you’re so drunk, the only thing that makes sense is a Fillet-o-Fish sandwich.

A 21-year-old woman was charged with drunk driving after cops found her passed out in her car at the McDonalds drive-thru in Chatham, Ontario (that’s in Canada), waiting for her fish relief.

Police said staff reported the woman at about 5:20 a.m. Saturday morning after she placed her order.

Police said the officer could strongly smell alcohol when he woke the woman up from her hungry slumber behind the wheel.

She was taken to the station for a breathalyzer test and charged with drunk driving.

South Carolina McDonald’s worker arrested for adding phlegm to sweet tea

It’s disgusting, but a reminder anyone in the food biz is only as good as their worst front-line employee.

The New York Daily News reports a South Carolina McDonald’s worker served customers some Sweet Tea with a side of phlegm.

The incident happened on Saturday when a mother and daughter noticed their tea wasn’t sweetened and returned their drinks in exchange for the correct order, police told WYFF-TV.

When their teas were returned, the duo saw their order wasn’t correct again and were heading home to add their own sweetener. But when they looked in the drink, they noticed both had an stomach-turning side of phlegm floating on top.

Instead of going back to McDonald’s, they went straight to the police station.

"It’s a health issue," Greenville County Sheriff Deputy Laura Campbell told the TV station. "When it becomes bodily fluids you know people have all kinds of contagious viruses and diseases."

Cops nabbed 19-year-old Marvin D. Washington Jr. and charged him with unlawful and malicious tampering of the food, according to the report.

In a statement to the TV station, the franchise owner of that McDonald’s location said his restaurant "has the most stringent food safety and quality standards" and urged customers not to jump to conclusions.

"Nothing is more important to me than the safety and well being of my customers," he added.

Hepatitis A with your McMuffin? Alabama McDonald’s employee positive, may have exposed customers

Tuscaloosa News reports customers who ate at the McDonald’s in Northport on McFarland Boulevard between Feb. 28 and March 14 may have been exposed to hepatitis A, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Customers who visited the restaurant on March 14 or during breakfast hours on March 16 are asked to contact their health-care provider as soon as possible to receive a hepatitis A vaccine, because an infected employee may have spread the virus.

“Hepatitis A vaccine and immune globulin can prevent hepatitis A virus infection, but only when given within 14 days of exposure,” said Dr. Donald Williamson, state health officer.

That means that anyone who ate at the restaurant on those dates should receive treatment no later than Friday. People previously vaccinated for hepatitis A are considered protected from the virus.