Boys should urinate outside to stimulate the compost pile; girls, your pee is too acidic

Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night, and don’t want to disturb Amy and Sorenne in our small space, I’ll go pee off the back deck.

I also don’t flush the toilet when I pee, unless I’ve eaten asparagus. Cameron Diaz would approve and say I’m saving the planet.

Gardeners at a National Trust property in Cambridgeshire are urging people to relieve themselves outdoors to help gardens grow greener.

A three-metre long "pee bale" has been installed at Wimpole Hall.

Head gardener Philip Whaites is urging his male colleagues to pee on the straw bale to activate the composting process on the estate’s compost heap.

He said the "pee bale" is only in use out of visitor hours, since "we don’t want to scare the public".

"There are obvious logistical benefits to limiting it to male members of the team, but also male pee is preferable to women’s, as the male stuff is apparently less acidic."

"Adding a little pee just helps get it all going; it’s totally safe and a bit of fun too."

As David Wilcox sang some 30 years ago,

Do it in the country they like it just fine
Do it in the city it’s a $20 fine
Hot hot papa

Do you wash your hands during mid-night bathroom breaks?

During an episode of the TV show The Office Michael Scott burns his foot on a George Foreman grill while cooking bacon (see right). I did the exact same thing this past weekend, and now my bubble-wrapped foot and I have been tossing and turning at night.

Last night while wallowing in self-pity and pain I heard two of my flatmates get up to use the bathroom (my bedroom is right next to the facilities). I heard the bathroom door shut, toilet flush, and…nothing. No sound of the tap running while the night-pee-ers washed their hands.

Do you wash your hands during a mid-night tinkle?

Frank Zappa: Why does it hurt when I pee? Cranberry juice overrated

Bobby Brown’s got nothing on this.

Current clinical evidence for using cranberry juice to combat urinary tract infections is ‘unsatisfactory and inconclusive’, according to Raul Raz.

Dr Raz, Director of Infectious Diseases at the Technion School of Medicine in Israel, and his associate Faculty Member, Hana Edelstein, advise the medical community that "cranberry should no longer be considered as an effective [preventative] for recurrent UTIs".

Cranberry contains hundreds of compounds, and it has been difficult to determine which might be responsible for any therapeutic effect, hindering its adoption. Raz and Edelstein point to differences in clinical trial design and the lack of standardization for doses and formulation. There is a range of potential side-effects including stomach upsets and weight gain. Cranberry can also interact badly with other medicines such as Warfarin, commonly used to treat heart disease.

Brazil: Environment group says, pee in the shower to save water

I admit it: I pee in the shower.

And 30 minutes ago after returning from the beach, Sorenne peed on me and the towel she was wrapped in (that’s us, right, watching the sunset in Venice, Florida, last night).

But according to Brazilian environmental group SOS Mata, I’m a bona fide environmentalist.
dlisted reports that a new public service announcement is urging Brazilians to piss while showering (below) because it would save some 4,380 liters of water a year if every household didn’t flush their toilet at least once a day. (The original dlisted report is hilarious, if not entirely PG.)

“They even suggest that you make it a non-stop partying by brushing your teeth in the shower while you wash your nalgas and go pissy times.”

I do that too.

Do you pee in the pool? Survey says, yes

That’s me and Sorenne in the pool in Phoenix last week. And I’m pretty sure one of us, at some point, peed in the pool.And I’m pretty sure all the drunk fashionistas at the afternoon pool parties emptied themselves in the pool.

A new study by the Water Quality and Health Council found that nearly one in five adults admits to urinating in a swimming pool instead of using the toilet.

Eight in 10 adults are convinced their fellow swimmers are guilty of such a crime, the study said.

Nevertheless, health officials insist that swimming in and even swallowing urine-contaminated water isn’t harmful to someone’s health.

Don Herrington from the Arizona Health Department, "Urine in itself has been purified through a whole variety of bodily processes so that it’s removed a lot of the contaminants in it.”

Swimmers should be more concerned about swallowing parasites than swallowing urine, officials said, especially cryptosporidium.

Phoenix Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Amy Blakeney urged sick swimmers to stay out of the pool.

NC juveniles accused of urinating in ice machine

You can pee on the ice, but not in an ice machine.

Four juveniles are facing several charges after security cameras showed them urinating into a cafeteria ice machine at a Chapel Hill,North Carolina middle school.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Tuesday the boys range in age from 12 to 15, and are charged with breaking and entering, larceny and vandalism to a public building. Because they are under 16, their names are being withheld.

Police said the vandalism occurred Dec. 15 at Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill. School officials said the ice machine was used on the following three days.

But all the machine’s ice and containers were removed when school officials learned of the incident.

Public health officials instructed the school staff on how to clean and disinfect the surfaces and equipment before using them again.

Angela Dodd, guest barfblogger: No pee zone

I recently witnessed a different kind of food safety hazard that probably occurs more often than is ever mentioned.
I kicked off last weekend with some classmates — drinks were flowing and the food was disappearing as fast as it could be cooked. Since everyone seemed to be hungry, plates were of no need. As I stood there eating my food I couldn’t help but notice what was going on just across my shoulder. One gentleman had found out how quickly selected beverages run through the body. He had made his way to the fence to relieve himself (since using a toilet would be way to civilized) and decided to place his uneaten hot dog in his mouth in order to free up his hands for other uses. After the job was done, he found it perfectly normal to take the hot dog back out of his mouth and continue eating his dinner

Probably not much of a risk for others, but certainly a yuck factor.
“Don’t Eat Poop, Wash Your Hands”.

Angela Dodd is a Senior in Food Science at Kansas State University — and she washes her hands after peeing.